TOP 3 Slovenian Lakes with Trim Trails


Did you know around 60 % of Slovenians exercise for at least 3 hours every week? Why not switch it up and get out of the gym and into the stunning lake surroundings.

This week we explore the top 3 Slovenian lakes with Trim trails with our very own author Manca Korelc!

Koseški bajer

A pond for jogging or romantic walks.

Manca’s first pick for top Slovenian lakes with trim trails is Koseški bajer, which is also known as Martinek bajer or the Koseze Pond. It is located on the western side of Šiška hill, and was formed on the site of former clay excavation pits. A very popular spot for residents of Ljubljana, it offers a well-maintained walking path with benches, a large children’s playground, outdoor fitness equipment, a beautiful wooden platform, and a restaurant. Koseški bajer is the perfect spot for exercising, whether you will use the trim trail or run around the pond.

Lake Završnica

The Završnica artificial reservoir or Lake Završnica is located in the Zavrh valley below the mountain Stol. It was created by damming the Završnica stream for the accumulation of water needed by the Završnica hydroelectric power plant, the first public hydroelectric power plant in the country.

Strolling around the lake of beautiful emerald color is really relaxing. The Završnica valley is also a popular destination for hikers and cyclists in the region of Gorenjska. They get their workout on the beach volleyball courts and trim trails at the Završnica Recreational Park, while the children enjoy the playground. That is why Manca has chosen as one of the top Slovenian lakes with a trim trail. The lake is also the starting point for many wonderful trails leading to Valvasor’s Lodge, Prešeren’s Hut at the top of Stol, the Mountain Lodge at Zelenica and Roblek’s Lodge at Begunjščica.

Gradiško Lake

Gradiško lake is an artificial lake, made to reduce the likelihood of flooding of the river Radomlja. It was dammed while building the highway in the Štajerska region. The lake is very popular with hikers, runners, and bicycle enthusiasts, for it is the home of a non-demanding gravel path, some four kilometers in length. The banks of the lake are also adorned with outdoor fitness equipment, making it a true outdoor exercise destination. You can quench your thirst with cold spring water from the renovated Jernej’s well. The lake is a venue of the traditional ˝run of Gradišče˝ and of fishing competitions. Around the lake, you will also find a trim trail.

Beneath the well is a part of the Rokovnjaška path. The path is 58 kilometers long and has 13 stops along its length. It will lead you on the peaks of the surrounding hills, with the highest being mt. Špilk. You can also hike up Limbarska Gora, a non-demanding trek, which will take some 2 hours to complete.  You can also visit the lake only to admire its surrounding nature and the animals that reside there.

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