Top 5 autumn hikes in Slovenia


Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors. Autumn is the perfect time for hiking – the temperature is dropping, the leaves are turning brown, views are getting spectacular… All the right reasons to take advantage of a few sunny days that this autumn months are offering and have some amazing time in nature.

There is a bunch of hiking trails and peaks in Slovenia that are waiting for you to conquer them. We picked 5 of them that are reachable even for less experienced hikers and offer the best views in the autumn. So don’t worry if you are not in the best shape, these hikes are for everyone. A few months ago we presented you with the best Slovenian trails, but now it’s time to explore top 5 Autumn hikes in Slovenia.


This place is one of the most popular hiking spots in Slovenia during autumn and when you will reach the summit, you will see why. Slemenova Špička is a peak amidst Julian Alps with a view on the famous mountain Jalovec. You will start your hike at the Slovenian highest road mountain pass called Vršič. The long winding road will lead you in the middle of the mountains where you can park your car and start exploring. Check the full description of the route here.

This trip is suitable for everyone who wants to admire autumn colours – Slemenova Špička is famous for its golden larches. If you have a chance we suggest you to visit it during the week, as weekends can be extremely crowded with people on sunny days.


This one is for everyone who loves hiking for a sweet reward at the end. At Kofce hut you won’t be disappointed. This relatively easy hike is located on the southern slope of Košuta and is offering amazing views on higher peaks. As if this wouldn’t be enough, they offer great Slovenian traditional food at the top. If you have a sweet tooth then this is a place for you. Kofce hut is famous for their home-made dumplings – traditional Slovenian dessert. Chocolate, coconut, blueberry, cottage cheese… pick your favorite and enjoy.

If you won’t be too full after all the dumplings, then we recommend you to continue your hiking trip to one of the higher peaks – Veliki vrh. You won’t be disappointed when you reach the top. We promise you! Check the full description of the route here.


Do you want to see Triglav – highest Slovenian mountain, in its entire glory? Then this is a place to visit. Viševnik is one of the most visited peaks over 2000 meters in Slovenia and it’s situated in the Julian Alps. Reason for its popularity is technically easy trail and great views at the top. A 2-hour walk will be rewarding. And yes, this one is definitely one of the top Instagrammable views you will visit. Check the full description of the route here.

If you are a more adventurous type with more hiking experience, then we definitely recommend you to try conquering this peak in winter months. But don’t forget suitable equipment!

If you decide to visit it during warmer days, we have another idea. After your hike have a refreshing dip in the Lake Kreda that is situated in Radovna. Lake is on private property, so if you decide to jump in respect and obey owner’s rules. You can read more about this and other beautiful lakes of Slovenia in Manca Korelc book – THE Slovenia lakes.


Bohinj is popular in the summer when visitors take advantage of the cooler climate and during winter when they enjoy snowy wonderland on local ski resort Vogel. But we often forget about this amazing place during autumn. Not this year. You can visit it and have some amazing time exploring nature. 

This is another hiking trip with a spectacular view from the top –  Vogar. The 2.5 hours long hike to an alpine meadow is suitable even for beginners or children and offers a different view on Lake Bohinj. Lie on the grass, enjoy the view and listen to the birds singing. Check the full description of the route here. Vogar is also extremely popular among paragliders. You can watch them take off or maybe even join them on an adventure.


This popular hiking trail on Pohorje is a must-go in every season. The route starts on Rogla and continues into the lush forest of Pohorje. After around 1.5 hours of hiking you will arrive at moor better known as »Lovrenška Lakes«. Paths on the wooden footbridges will take you around the lakes that are spreading on over 22ha.This place is home to many rare plant and animal species. You can’t miss a view from above for which you have to climb to the wooden panoramic tower where you will be able to admire the lakes from a different angle. Check the full description of the route here.

If you are feeling adventurous and would like to explore some more, we advise you to continue this hiking trip to another panoramic tower that is situated on Rogla – Treetop walk. You can check more about it here.