Unique Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day from Slovenia


Mother’s Day is celebrated in Slovenia on March 25th. The holiday is dedicated to celebrating motherhood.

On Mother’s Day, give your mom a special gift, made with love from Slovenia. In our online store, we offer incredible products that we know your mom will be extremely happy to receive. To make it easier for you to decide what to give your mom on Mother’s Day, we have prepared a list of gifts.

The Slovenia Book Woman’s Edition

The perfect gift that will surely delight your mom and even inspire her to consider a trip around Slovenia.

This special hardcover edition showcases the diversity of our country, and the Top 100 Women Limited Edition brings you 15 exclusive interviews and profiles of some of the most influential women in Slovenia today. These women are: Ajša Vodnik, Ana Roš, Danica Purg, Irena Kos, Iza Login, Jerca Legan Cvikl, Katarina Čas, Ksenja Benedetti, Laura Unuk, Maja Mikek, Maja Pak, Marta Kos, Mateja Benedetti, Sonja Šmuc, and Uršula Cetinski.

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In the book, you will find a brief overview of Slovenia, including the best ways to travel around Slovenia, some important (and fun trivial) facts and figures, how to speak and understand the basics of the local language, and a little about the history of the nation. At the end of the book, we have added some additional informational pages, including expanded lists of the top 100 landmarks, annual events, restaurants, and wineries in the country.

THE Slovenia Praline Gift Box

A well-known proverb says: “Life is like a box of chocolates.” Who wouldn’t want to taste some of the finest chocolates from Slovenia?

Buy The Slovenia praline here.

With this gift, your mom will be able to travel through Slovenian culinary regions with delightful pralines – from Adriatic sea salt to Pannonian pumpkin seeds.

Chocolate Ruby

Like grapes for fine wines, cocoa beans are influenced by the terroir in which they grow. Ruby cocoa beans grow in unique climatic conditions and can be found in Ecuador, Brazil, or the Ivory Coast. Ruby chocolate does not contain berries, berry flavors, or dyes.

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Is your mom a nature and wood enthusiast? Then the gift package THE SLOVENIA BOX – LAKES edition is the perfect gift. In the gift package, you’ll receive a beautifully crafted wooden box, a guide to the best Slovenian lakes prepared by Manca Korelc, and two postcards featuring stunning photographs of Slovenia.

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