Top Slovenian Wine: Refošk


Refošk or Refosco is an indigenous Slovenian variety of red wine. Why is Refošk special you might ask? Well, read the article and find out why Refošk is one of the top Slovenian wines.

Slovenia is a country where you will find many indigenous varieties of wine. As you know, the Slovenian wine region is divided into three parts. This week we take you on a virtual trip to Primorska or Karst region, where we will discover one of the top Slovenian wine – Refošk.

Besides Teran, Refošk or Refosco is the most known variety of red wines, that come from the Slovenian wine region Primorska or Karst.

About Refošk

The perfect Karst climate births many red wines in the Primorska region. One of those is Refošk, which is also known as Refosco. Refošk is known as earthy red Slovenian wine, it grows on the red karst soil, which gives it its signature taste.

While many different wines are produced in the Karst wine regions, Refošk is the most typical one in this Slovenian wine region. Refošk is known to have a purple-red color with a sour taste, which is beautifully accompanied by pleasant fruity flavors, such as raspberries. As you will taste Refošk you will be able to pick a slight grassy taste.

Refošk, a red wine from Slovenia, pairs well with food and shows considerable variations depending on the terroir.  Refošk is the top Slovenian wine to be paired with meat dishes or spicy cheeses. With its special aroma, the wine blends perfectly with the great Istrian dishes. Refošk is also becoming increasingly popular as an aged wine.

History of Refošk

Many historians believe that Refošk is one of the many native wines of the Friuli region. More specifically, it originates from the area between the Karst and the coastal part of Slovenia. Here the locals keep the true pride of Slovenian wine – Refošk in their cellars.

Health benefits of Refošk

The demand for red Slovenian wines has increased at the expense of many medicinal properties. Substances such as proanthocyanidin and resveratrol are found in the solids of grapes and peaches of Refošk. Wines as Refošk contain a substance that helps to overcome disease, especially atherosclerosis. It also contains salicylic acid, otherwise known as the component of aspirin. Refošk alone contains a lower percentage of alcohol and gentler lactic acid, which plays a crucial role in digestion.

Celebration of Refošk in Slovenia

On the Slovenian coast, more specifically in Marezig, the traditional Refošk Festival takes place every year, where various competitions in wine quality are organized and tastings are made. As you see, Refošk is such a popular wine in Slovenia it has its own festival and holiday. If this isn’t something to cheer. Grab your glass of Refošk and enjoy it!

The refosco festival or Refošk festival has been held in Marezigas ever since 1972. For four decades, this event has grown from the Refosco Exhibition to a great feast of winemakers and all lovers of this precious drop.

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