Slovenian winemaker of the week: Štoka Winery


Štoka vineyard is located in the village of Krajna Vas close to the border with Italy. Covering an impressive 10 hectares, the estate lies in the Kras wine region, where the Mediterranean meets the Alps.

As part of the Mediterranean basin the combination of the dry climate, plenty of sun and the strong Bora winds the vines grow in a red clay soil (terra rossa), which creates the perfect conditions for their unique wines. Full of iron ore and limestone, the soil is responsible for the wine’s salinity and mineral content. The Štoka family’s winemaking history goes back 200 years and they are now fifth generation producers. They began to market their wines in 1989 and today the main running of the winery is led by father and son team Primož and Tadej, who uphold the traditional methods of winemaking from the centuries of knowledge passed down from their ancestors, combined with modern technology.

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In 1990, the family moved from the old farmhouse in Krajna Vas, to a newly constructed estate with a larger wine cellar. In 2004, they opened a tasting room and have ever since regularly host wine tastings, where you can learn about the history of the farm and the winemaking process. You can also visit the beautiful wine cellar and sample some of the cured meats for which the region is famous, in the picturesque surroundings of the rimorska region. Their vines produce an large range of wines of all varieties. Whites include the autochthonous Vitovska Grganja, Chardonnay, Malvasia and a Cara (a white cuvée), as well as a Rose from Teran and three sparkling wines, which are produced by the classic method and matured for several years at a constant, low temperature in a natural cave. When it comes to reds, it’s no surprise that the EU-protected Teran is the star of the show, featuring in a variety of regular and limited edition reserve selections, such as TeraSel. Other standouts from Štoka’s premium line include Lapis (Vitamin Kernel from Stone Soda) and Cantur (Cabernet cantur), all of which are are aged in barrique barrels. The cellar itself is also a special place to visit, as it’s carved directly into limestone rock and includes such unique items as a stone barrel in which the Vitovska Grganja matures.

Krajna vas 1d, Dutovlje
+386 5 764 03 27
[email protected]

Source: THE Slovenia WINE

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