Slovenian winemaker of the week: Marjan Simčič winery


Perennially ranked amongst the very best winemakers in Slovenia, Marjan Simčič is the fifth generation to carry on the storied family tradition. The family owns 18 hectares of land which lies on both the Italian and Slovenian sides of the Brda region. Marjan’s great-grandfather originally bought the farm in 1860 and began growing vines to produce wine. The warm Mediterranean winds and the Primorska sunshine provide the ideal climate conditions for vine growth and the mineral-rich soil contributes Marjan Simčič to the production of unique wines.

Marjan Simčič winery dobrovo ceglo 3b brda
Marjan Simčič winery

Today, they do not use any chemical fertilizers or insecticides and all work is done exclusively by hand, therefore preserving the natural cycle of living organisms in the vineyard. This toughens the plant and they grow fewer leaves which enabling the focus of growth to be concentrated on the fruit. They produce some 100,000 bottles annually from their three lines, Brda Classic, Cru Selection and, the most prestigious, Opoka Cru, most of which is exported abroad.

Ceglo 3b, Dobrovo
+386 5 39 59 200
[email protected]

Source: THE Slovenia WINE 2018


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