Slovenian winemaker of the week: Kupljen winery


Situated amongst the picturesque, sun-soaked hills of Jeruzalem, one of Slovenia’s premier wine-growing districts in the far northeast of the country, the Kupljen Wine Estate has roots dating all the way back to 1836.

In more recent times the Kupljen family was at the forefront of private winemaking in Slovenia, celebrating the 40th anniversary of their label’s modern launch in 2016. What’s the secret to their success? Look no further than the estate’s slogan: With sun and love. The region is known for wines that boast a fresh and fruity character from a young age, but also Kupljen mature very well.

kupljen winery

The love that goes into the wine begins with the grapes themselves, all of which are produced on the estate in an eco-friendly manner – low yields per vine, hand-harvesting and gentle processing are all factors guaranteeing that only the highest quality wine bears the Kupljen label. Modern processing techniques and equipment is used, but history is not forgotten, with wine produced in cellars from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Svetinje 21, Ivanjkovci
+386 31 307 417
[email protected]

Source: THE Slovenia Wine: Top 125 Experience