Slovenian winemaker of the week: Burja Estate Winery


The multi-award winning Burja Estate has a total of seven vineyards in the Vipava Valley, each at varying topography which results in a diverse range of produce encompassing the very best of the region’s climate and soil. Following traditional methods of wine making they also incorporate a modern understanding of wine and seek to balance science and nature throughout the production process.

The Lavrenčič family history dates back to 1499 when they first arrived in the Vipava Valley. Like many others in the Burja Estate region at that time, they cultivated their land and took their first steps into viticulture.

Burja Estate winnery

Today, Primož Lavrenčič is one of the most respected figures in Slovene winemaking, and his relatively new Burja label is already one of the most sought after Slovene brands in countries across the world. Together with other winegrowers from the region, they continue to foster the traditions of the Vipava Valley to build a strong regional wine brand comparable to more famous ones, such as Champagne, Burgundy and Bordeaux.

Orehovica 46, Podnanos
[email protected]

Source: THE Slovenia WINE

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