TOP 7 Slovenia Events week 2. – 8. 12. 2019


TOP 7 Slovenia Events – week 2. – 8. 12. 2019

Most of the Slovenian cities have already light up their streets and squares with stunning Christmas lights and welcoming the last month of 2019. Are you ready to enjoy the festive December like we are? If you said “Yes” then look no further! We have prepared a list of TOP 7 events you need to visit this week!

Magical Forest – from 2. 12. 

Fun for all the family! The magical events held at the Magical Forest will host creative workshops of making environmentally friendly Christmas decorations. The event is located on Congress square in Ljubljana. Read more here: 

This Merry Day of Culture – 3. 12. 

On the birth anniversary of the greatest Slovenian poet, France Prešeren (1800-1849), admission to the majority of Ljubljana’s museums, galleries and theatres and even a number of cinemas will be free. To mark the anniversary, most of Slovenia’s cultural institutions will arrange special programs of events. Check out the program here:

Cheerful December in Kranj – from 3. 12.

December is a time of twinkling lights, peacefulness, warmth, small tokens of appreciation and good wishes. To be honest, this is also the time when one is constantly in a hurry, often wondering how fast time is going. So stop for a moment, take a full breath and some time for your loved ones, for feelings of love, a good conversation, laughter, and relaxation. They invite you to spend this time also in our company. They have prepared a diverse program for this Cheerful December, something that will make you dance and something that will warm your heart. Check out the program here: 

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Winter Fairytale Forest 2019 – from 5. 12. 

Within the festive December, the urban platform in Kočevje hosts many events that enliven the days before Christmas. The festive forest opening starts on December 5th, with lighting the Christmas Lights and a visit of Saint Nicolas, who bestows children first and ends with New Year’s Eve. An unforgettable festive atmosphere conjures up the kindergarten and elementary school children, magical dance performances and theatre performances, Christmas sounds of domestic and foreign bands, a wide range of local souvenirs and goodies and much more. Learn more here:

Velenje Underground – 5. 12.

The most unusual scene for a culinary experience. Cuisine can be your true inspiration for visiting a museum! Choose Velenje Underground’s culinary experience, included in the Slovenia UNIQUE EXPERIENCES collections. The combination of a raw industrial environment and gastronomic delights will awaken all of your senses 160 metres below the earth’s surface; here, you can expect a four-course Štajger meal prepared by Vila Herberstein’s many time awarded chefs. Reserve your tickets here:

Masterclass of Sparkling Wine Tasting – 7. 12. 

If you wish to truly sparkle as a host or a guest at December festive events, you need to know your bubbles. Hiša penin Istenič, a Slovenian sparkling wines powerhouse, has the perfect solution – a master class workshop at their beautiful estate in Bizeljsko on Saturday, December 7. The very best of Slovenian and Croatian sparkling winemakers will present around 25 of their most exciting bubblies providing the beginners and the professionals with an in-depth overview of the regional sparkling wines trends and development. Apply here for the event: 

Dedek Mraz or Grandfather Frost – from 7. 12. 

A song about Grandfather Frost will wake up the fairy-tale creatures from Pohorje, the lights will be turned off and a tiny light will flash on the dark slope; it will make its way down the slope coming closer and closer… Check out the program here: 

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