The Slovenia idea for lunch Boheja Restaurant & Bar, Novo Mesto


Located within a modern yet warm and friendly building in Novo Mesto, Boheja specialise in producing diverse steaks, which is all we need to know.

Cooked on a unique lava grill, we try not to delve into hyperbole too often but these steaks must be tasted. They must. Complimented by other original and seasonal dishes and aided along the way by waiters who are seemingly experts on the wines available, Boheja is a great place to eat when in Novo Mesto.

ontact: Boheja – Restavracija & Bar, Belokranjska cesta 24a, 8000 Novo mesto, Opening Hours: 08:30–22:00 (Mon–Sat/Pon–Sob), 08:30–16:00 (Sun/Ned) , More info: +386 59 01 06 74, , Chef: Boštjan Predovič .

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Written by: THE Slovenia editorial staff, Edited by Jana Studen