Römerquelle – The green mineral water


Römerquelle – The green mineral water

Our partner of The Slovenia Restaurant Awards, Römerquelle mineral water, is the first water brand from the Coca-Cola assortment in Europe to push the boundaries of sustainable packaging.

Römerquelle bottled water will switch to 100 % recycled content of plastic. The first bottles made their debut in Austria, during the countries biggest annual sporting event, the Vienna City Marathon, and are now making its way across the entire European continent. The established Ecolabel is dedicated to sustainable initiatives for future environmentally friendly products and services. 

Römerquelle mineral water,


Green milestone

The achievement is the result of many years of work and testing, including continued technical innovations, which have led to an increase in the share of recycled PET used. The move also reduces Coca‑Cola HBC’s environmental footprint, as making bottles from 100% recycled PET requires 70 percent less Co2 use than for a bottle made from 100% new PET.

The milestone is possible thanks to the recycling passion of many European consumers, who are dedicated and are collecting and recycling three out of four bottles produced. Thanks to their efforts, the Coca-Cola brand has access to the materials necessary to give every Römerquelle bottle multiple lives, which increased the percentage of plastic being reused. Therefore, making an important step in making the Coca-Cola brand environmentally friendly.

Commitment to sustainability

Coca‑Cola HBC is committed to making consumer packaging 100% recyclable by the year 2025, while also increasing the percentage of rPET used. They also, aim to collect the equivalent of 75% of our primary packaging for recycling by that time. 

In addition, they have signed up to the Coca‑Cola system’s World Without Waste goal to help collect and recycle the equivalent of every can and bottle sold by 2030.

Source: Coca-Cola HBC



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