TOP Ljubljana Nightlife 2020


TOP Ljubljana Nightlife 2020

Colourful trees, foggy mornings, chilly evenings, yes, it’s definitely that time of year again – the time of year when we ask all of Ljubljana’s party people, beer drinkers, students, hipsters, wine connoisseurs, concertgoers, pool sharks, clubbers, jazzophiles, cigar aficionados and night owls what their favourite after-dark destinations are, as it’s time for In Your Pocket’s 10th annual Best Nightlife competition!


The results of the 10th annual Best Nightlife competition can be found below! Thanks to all of the voters and congratulations to all of the winners and finalists!

Best Bar in Ljubljana

1. Captain’s Cabin
2. Centralna Postaja
3. Kavarna Kino Šiška
4. Žmauc
5. Pritličje

Best Pub in Ljubljana

1. Cutty Sark
2. Sax Pub
2. Parlament Pub
4. Pivnica Union
5. Plečnik Pub

Best Club in Ljubljana

1. Cirkus
2. Orto Bar
3. Klub K4
4. Shooters
5. Božidar

Best Live Music Venue* in Ljubljana

1. Cvetličarna
2. Čin Čin
3. Slamič
4. Prulček
5. Solist
5. Jazz Paradise
*Editor’s Note: Kino Šiška, the perennial winner of this category, was not included this year, as we limited the selection to venues that are daily nightlife spots, rather than concert venues. And Kino Šiška already took home first place in our 2019 Best of Culture competition.

Best Lounge Bar in Ljubljana

1. Kavarna Rog
2. Sputnik
3. Makalonca
4. As Aperitivo
5. Soba 102

Best Wine Bar in Ljubljana

1. Dvorni Bar
2. Vinoteka Movia
3. TaBar
4. Strelec Wine Bar
5. eVino

Best Alternative Nightlife in Ljubljana

1. Tiffany
2. Gala Hala
3. Ambasada
4. Menza pri Koritu
5. Channel Zero
5. Jalla Jalla

Best Late Night Leisure in Ljubljana

1. Biljardna Hiša Ljubljana
2. Kolosej
3. Klub 300
4. Casino Lev
5. Biljardna Kaval

Best Adult Entertainment in Ljubljana

1. Escape
2. Hard Core Club
2. Rocco
4. Fantazija
5. District 35

Voting was open from 4-17 November, and the final results will also be included in the December-February 2020 issue of Ljubljana In Your Pocket guide.

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