The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2019 – Soundtrack


TSRA soundtrack for all the senses – Dinner experience by paSCa. We are remembering the good all days of May 2019 when we were mingling at Evergreen Smlednik at The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2019. We have made the official soundtrack of The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2019. Find it here and enjoy.

When words fail, music speaks and taste evolves! Go, listen to music …

Elevate all your senses with this lounge mix that was produced for all the senses at the exclusive The Slovenia Dinner at The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2019, which featured the 16 best Slovenian Chefs from the Mediterranean, Alps, Pannonia and Ljubljana central region.

The Slovenia Music Special thanks for the inspiration and unforgettable experience: Ana Roš-Hiša Franko, Tomaž Kavčič-Gostilna pri Lojzetu/Dvorec Zemono, Janez Bratovž-Restavracija JB, Mojmir Šiftar-Restavracija Evergreen, Igor Jagodic-Restavracija Strelec, Gregor Vračko-Hiša Denk, Uroš Štefelin-Vila Podvin, Bine Volčič-Monstera Bistro, David Vračko-Restavracija Mak, Jure Tomič-Restavracija Debeluh, Boštjan Trstenjak-Restavracija Cubo, Uroš Klinec-Klinec Plešivo, Matej Tomažič-Restavracija Majerija, Marko Magajne & Luka Gmajner-Galerija Okusov, Damjan Fink-Gostilna na Gradu,Leon & Tanja Pintarič-Gostilna Rajh. 

The Slovenia Restaurant Awards (TSRA) is a national selection of best Slovenian restaurants. The increasing demand from tourists for reviews of Slovenian restaurants in foreign languages, and the fact that these reviews are a rarity even in Slovene, made us realise that the process of reviewing Slovene restaurants must begin as soon as possible. 

Thus, in early autumn 2016 we started the project with the help from some Slovenian enogastronomy, folklore and tourism experts. A collection of the best restaurants in Slovenia can help tourists decide where to go when seeking new culinary horizons.

Listen to the official soundtrack of The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2019 here.

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