New Argeta Exclusive by Michelin awarded chef Igor Jagodic


Argeta has some amazing news! ? Michelin Star chef Igor Jagodic from restaurant Strelec presents Argeta Exclusive with tender doe, raspberry and black walnut, which will impress even the most demanding, as the inspiration for it came from his signature dish. The new pate is already available in stores in Slovenia!

Igor Jagodic: “I think the arrival of Michelin (Guide) is very important because it will finally place on the culinary map of the world. Aside from the fact that this guide is a “bible” for many guests when deciding which restaurants to visit or where they will travel. It is also a confirmation for us, a confirmation that we are doing well, that we have good restaurants in Slovenia.

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THE: What kind of an impact will the Michelin Guide have for Slovenian gastronomy?

Igor Jagodic: “Most of us (chefs) can hardly wait for the arrival of the Michelin Guide. However, this first guide will certainly bring some extra stress to our daily lives. Those who get the Michelin Star will strive to keep it, and those who deserve it, or who want it and will not get it the first year and will put extra effort into getting it in the coming years. Which is good. With the arrival of the stars, guests’ expectations (of course, in award-winning restaurants) will certainly rise, at least at the outset.