Digitizing your business the right way


If you are struggling with time delays and less than optimal work processes, you might be at the brink of digitizing your business. A good approach to digitization can boost your productivity and optimize income in a tough market where quality leads may be scarce.

Before starting, you will need to set some goals that need to be met with the process of your digital transformation. A good place to start is by asking yourself which of your business departments need digitizing and how it will affect your future work.

So how do you digitize your company?

Let us suppose that you would like to digitize your sales process, customer acquisition and customer relationship management. You will need a CRM system. Or maybe you require a program that simplifies and digitizes your production process? In that case, project management software is what you will be looking for. Maybe you are already using these solutions, and you want to shift your focus to managing your team in the best way possible. A human resource management system can help with keeping track of your HR activities and creating the most successful team possible.

What do you need to know before you start implementing digital management systems in earnest?

  • Set clear and measurable goals. Document your current position to create a baseline for comparison. Your goals can be anything from higher customer acquisitions, a better conversion rate, lower churn rate or better repeat purchase metrics.
  • Your new CRM system is not a miracle machine, but it will help immensely with all customer related work. Business results are still created by people, their way of conducting business and accomplishing tasks. The system is there to help them with remembering scheduled calls, tasks and keeping relevant customer-related data safe and accessible at all times. And this is just the beginning.
  • Most digital management systems will not be custom fitted to your business model and practices. This is why we recommend investing into customizations that will bring the system closer to your existing business practices. That said, be careful not to go overboard with all the bells and whistles. Customize what you need at the moment and if need be, upgrade your system.
  • A CRM can truly boost sales figures, but you will still need to put in the work. The difference here is that the work needs to be smart – not hard. Define your sales process as accurately as possible and be consistent in your execution. The same goes for project work – define the ideal workflow and project work phases, and then stick to them. The team will need to be on the same page. Playing as a team will enable you to reach better results.