Jurjevanje 2019 / Bela Krajina


19 – 23 June 2019 in Črnomelj

Jurjevanje in Bela krajina is the oldest folklore festival in Slovenia and a member of CIOFF, the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts. This year, it takes place 19 – 23 June in Črnomelj.

The festival, which celebrates cultural diversity, is not only one of the most recognizable cultural events in Slovenia, but also a great tool for pursuing the principles of sustainable and integrated development of Bela krajina, the holder of the European Destination of Excellence 2010 title, and the recipient of the Slovenia Green Destination certificate. What is more, Jurjevanje is set to become a “Zero Waste” event, which complies with the sustainability guidelines and makes it worth visiting also from this perspective.

Throughout its history Jurjevanje has played a vital role in preserving the cultural heritage of Bela krajina, its dances, songs, and music, while inviting other internationally acclaimed folklore groups and other culture creators from across the world to present their own heritage.

This year, the event takes place 19-23 June and includes a number of performances of different international folklore groups from Slovenia, Croatia, Belarus, India and even Fiji Islands. This is accompanied by art exhibitions and craft fair, great local gastronomy and accompanying activities,such as an organized family cycling trip. The event takes place at various venues and attracts young and old. You will also have an opportunity to get to know “Zeleni Jurij”, the mythological springtime hero, in English known as the “Green George”, symbolizing nice weather and spring.

The whole programme of the event can be found here.

Source: slovenia.info

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