Gastronomy week Guerila Termika


“A journey through the flavors of the Vipava Valley”

The Vipava Valley is a lovely region, full of hidden trails for those who enjoy long walks and bike trips.

In 2018 it has been placed on a list of 10 Best European Destinations by a renowned travel guide publisher, Lonely Planet – a more than credible source for travelers. They called it “a treasure, hidden in the heart of Europe”.

It can be said that the Vipava Valley is a gem of active adventure and enogastronomic experience.

The valley is not only distinguished by its breathtaking landscape, but also by its exquisite wine and gastronomic choice.

Due to very favorable natural conditions and mild Mediterranean climate, viticulture has had its roots in this valley for centuries. And every season, it delivers premium ingredients for local cuisine.

The Vipava Valley offers us all countless opportunities to immerse ourselves in its colors, aromas, and tastes.

The opportunity for enogastronomic experiences of the Vipava Valley, and the first motive for visiting it, was offered to us by the “Guerilla Wine and Culinary Week” – from March 5th to 8th. Two outstanding local players joined forces: the restaurant Termika and the biodynamic cellar Guerila.

The restaurant Termika is special by its exterior and the gleam of light from the inside tempts the guests to see what the interior is like. Modern, but homely. A living room, but also a wine bar. It can hardly be said that it is just a regular pub. Besides the exquisite offer of a restaurant, it is also cozy and feels just like home.

The highlight and main event of Guerilla Week was the dinner on March 7th, overflowing with selected gourmet delicacies. The main focus of the evening were the biodynamic wines, produced with the passion and knowledge from generations of winegrowers.

With dishes made from fresh seasonal ingredients, and accompanied by the wines from the Guerila cellar, guests traveled through the flavors of a valley that remained true to itself and its roots. With their enthusiasm and dedication, the guides on this wine and culinary path were Aleksander Mladovan, the owner of restaurant Termika and oenologist, and Zmagoslav Petrič, the founder of Guerila wine cellar.

For anyone who missed this opportunity for pampering their taste buds, will have another one available soon again – “Restaurant Week” that will take place all over Slovenia between 20th and 29th of March. It will host the best providers with top chefs – and Restaurant Termika will be there too! We will make gourmands happy with our proper culinary sensations.

Plenty of enquires are expected, so it is important that you make a reservation on [email protected].