Meet the newcomers at The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020


At this year’s The Slovenia Restaurant Awards there will be new faces or better said plates from restaurants joining us.

Without further ado, let us introduce you to this year’s Newcomers for The Slovenia Restaurant Awards 2020.


Chang restaurant

Chang the restaurant offers Beijing, Sichuan, Cantonese as well as Shanghai culinary delicacies. The dishes can be accompanied by a selection of authentic Chinese beverages, such as mandarin and plum wine, Chinese beer and bamboo spirits. There is enough space. Along with the large outdoor terrace and a playroom, we offer special spaces for larger groups, business meetings, and other events.

COB restaurant

The restaurant tradition of the Matjaž family dates back to the second half of the 19th century, according to oral tradition, and the documented history begins when Jože Matjaž (Philip’s great-grandfather) opens the Tavern at Kočerju in Mozirje in 1908. The daughters Helena and Marija Matjaž continue the tradition. The family tradition continued with Filip their youngest son, who decided to take over the family business and have his own restaurant – COB. The idea was to open a new restaurant with different concepts, where he could be more connected with his guests and be able to offer them more than just-food.

Domačija Butul

Everything in Butul homestead revolves around the world-famous herb garden, where guests are greeted with more than 50 varieties of herbs and fragrances, and with the scent of the seas and charms of the Mediterranean, as well as olive and olive oil, malmsey and refosco and local food prepared in a superb way. We organize themed culinary workshops, tasting dinners or lunches, and – for those who sleep over with us – paradise breakfasts.

Read what Črt Butul had to say about the arrival of the Michelin Guide to Slovenia.

Domačija Kabaj Morel

The mild climate and the landscape have had a significant influence on the cuisine of Goriška Brda. The variety of traditions (Slovene, Friulian, Habsburg) have intertwined on this strip of land, giving »Brda« cuisine its special touch. At the Kabaj homestead, they used the old recipes, giving rich Brda cuisine a touch of Mediterranean, a touch of creativity.

Domačija Šajna

The village of Šepulje lies in the midst of a slightly rolling karst plateau at the foothills of a low hill, which protects it from the north wind. It is surrounded by vineyards, planted in the fertile terra Rossa (reddish soil). In spite of its location, along the road crossing the Karst from Sežana to Štanjel and up to Nova Gorica, it is far away from the noisy life in towns. Only titmice chant their melody in the morning, vine leaves rustle in vineyards exposed to the sun, and, from time to time, the north wind whistles its sharp tune at the window.

Gostilna Bujol

The Bujol Inn is a real specialty among the waterfront restaurants. It offers extremely fresh food prepared simply in the typical Slovenian coastal way. The inn owns some ancient recipes that date back over 100 years ago and are a mystery. The most mysterious is their cod, whose recipe is passed down from generation to generation.

Hiša Marica

The old renovated homestead was named after “Nona” Marica (Grandmother Marica), who spoiled children with simple but excellent local dishes. The House of Marica is situated within the majestic walls of the picturesque medieval village of Šmartno. Once a military fort,
today, a romantic place, where it seems that time stopped long ago. The village Šmartno lies in the heart of the wine region Brda. Its strategic position on the top of the hill offers a wonderful view from the Alps to the Adriatic sea. The old village walls, narrow streets, and defense towers give this village a unique charm.


Kužina Stara šola

In Kužina Stara šola restaurant they swear by locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, prepared according to “old school” recipes with modern equipment and techniques. That way you can experience a superb culinary adventure, created for you by chef Marko Gorela, which becomes a long-lasting memory.

La Botegga Dei Sapori

An elegant, upmarket feel combines with a prime main-square location at this polished (but pricey) charmer, which cherry-picks from local, Italian and French cuisines. The menu sings with prime local produce, especially fresh white and black truffles. Have them alongside scampi with pasta or risotto, or with beefsteak.

Na Burji

In Istrian hillside, on the upper side of “Nova vas” which earned its name due to exposure to famous Bora wind, stands and traditional Istrian house with a lush garden – the restaurant Na Burji. The heart of the restaurant is a big open fireplace. On its fire, we boil minestrones and polenta in brass pots and flip fresh Adriatic fish, Florentine steaks or homemade sausages on the grill. Occasionally a lamb, kid or an octopus ends up under the bell while fresh homemade bread is always readily waiting. They end up in the company of fresh truffles, wild asparagus, mushrooms, and other fresh seasonal fruit. The charming cuisine of Na Burji is dedicated to the heritage of green and blue Istria. The ingredients are organic and seasonal, either from our or neighbors’ garden, the catch of Piranesi fishermen and Slovene breeders. This is the way we strive to preserve pristine original cuisine and culture far from the surrogates down there in the valley.

Restavracija Grad Kromberk

Inspiration depends on the day. Aleš finds it during the morning visit to the local market, in his mother’s herb garden or in the clouds. The plate he creates is like a map that tells you where you are in terms of location and time of year. They assemble the flavors more according to our taste than by the recipe, so an orange cake is never twice the same.

Restavracija Grahor

The loyal visitors of the Grahor restaurant who like to experience our house-friendly offer of quality dishes are the prove of our long and successfull culinary tradition. Since 1974, when it started as a small inn that hosted mostly local visitors, it developed through years according to the offer and scope and is now known also across the national border. The special feature of the restaurant is the summer garden, where you can taste the culinary specialities in the silence of the karst sun and / or the bora. On warm summer nights you can enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner until late evening.

A wide choice of dishes served with kindness will pamper you regardless of taste. Restaurant Grahor is famous for its sea delicacies, ranging from a variety of fresh fish or lobsters in a wide variety of ways. The ultimate delicacy for meat lovers is the genuine Italian Fiorentina. As expected, the Karst tide leaves the seal even in the food itself.

Restavracija Kamin

Welcome to the most beautiful culinary sight in Izola. The pearl of the Belvedere Resort is the Fireplace Restaurant, which boasts a terrace with stunning views of Izola and the Gulf of Trieste.

Restavracija Noro

A trendy, modern bistro with a wine list based on natural wines and plates reminiscent of high-end Scandinavian minimalism, signed by young home-maker Andrea Odogaso, who honed his skills in the New York Atter, the Danish Studio and even the famous Nomi. The second half of Noro restaurant consisted of immigrant Italian Riccardo Bertoni, who was primarily concerned with killer focaccias and sour yeast pizzas.


SAVOR name comes from the old fishing tradition of preparing seafood marinated in vinegar, lemon juice, and salt. Traditional seafood dishes prepared for you in a modern way, while you are pampered with a rich selection of wines Istrian winemakers. Daily catch represents a thread of our offer – mussels, fish, crabs and other seafood prepared fresh for you, right out of the sea, which can be admired from our restaurant. There are also a number of pasta, broths, and salads, but meat lovers are pampered with steaks and T-vouchers, which are being prepared in the right grill.

Turistična Kmetija Arkade Cigoj

When you drive across Razdrto, you will have a view of the beautiful Vipava Valley. Its uniqueness and characteristic is its openness to the west, which influences the life here. A glance at the traveler tells you that there is agriculture in the Vipava Valley. Vineyards spread on the sun-soaked hills. The bora wind adds to their preciousness and that is why our valley, the valley of the bora and the sun, is enriched with an exquisite noble drop. We the people here are kindhearted. We always carry a smile on our lips and in our hearts. Our hospitality is something special, come traveler and taste it all.

Work and new ideas are being passed on from generation to generation, so our farm got a new look when father Branko and mom Zmaga handed over the farm to their son Jordan, who brought the bride Silva from Stanošina near Podlehnik to the house. He knew that Styrian women were hardworking and hardworking girls. So in 1989, we opened the door to a tourist farm, which is located in the oldest house in the village. According to old records and a portal found, its construction dates back to 1811.


Dom na Joštu

If you are tempted to discover new culinary experiences with stunning views, we kindly invite you to visit us! Our chef Matjaž still enjoys the creation of every dish, especially the preparation of fresh home-made seasonal ingredients. He always strives for the harmony of flavors and wants to cook only the best when cooking. In addition, he always spices the preparation of the dish with an abundance of humor and goodwill, which is especially pleasing to all his guests.

Gostilna Grič

Luka Košir is the excellent chef behind Gostilna Grič. In the village of Šentjošt nad Horjulom is the delightful Gostilna Grič. Many places may claim the old ‘traditional food with a modern twist’, but Grič certainly delivers on that promise. It all starts with Luka Košir, one of the best young chefs in Slovenia, who earned his stripes under the mentorship of the famed Janez Bratovž at JB Restaurant. Luka has a simple philosophy “good ingredients make good food, and you do not need a silver spoon to eat it”.

Read what he thinks about the arrival of the Michelin in Slovenia, here.

Gostilna Vernik

Relax in the pleasant vicinity of the green forests of Pohorje, and enjoy the culinary delights of a 150-year tradition. There are several types of delicious homemade desserts for sweet treats.

Miza za štiri

The smallest Slovenian restaurant moved from a studio in Maribor to a house in Zgornja Polskava, but still remained – the best among the smallest! All that intimate, personal, authentic and “unprofessional” that adorned her already on the block remained, only multiplying x 4 (tables).

Panorama Stara Pošta

Panorama Stara Pošta will henceforth be our urban jungle, which with a beautiful ambiance will always conjure up nostalgia, pamper us daily with good coffee and offer us the most beautiful view of the old part of Kranj.

Restavracija Triglav Bled 1906

Located in the stately four-star Hotel Triglav Bled (which, you guessed it, was founded in 1906), a meal here is guaranteed to be a fine dining experience of the highest order. The kitchen team creates some simply wonderful dishes, all of which are modern interpretations of traditional Slovene recipes, methods, and ingredients, and views of Bled Lake and its famed church from the bay windows are truly stunning.

It’s of our personal favorites, and we’re not alone, in 2011, the restaurant and its culinary school was awarded the prestigious Jakob Prize, given each year at Slovenia’s largest tourism fair to only one worthy winner. 

Vila Planinka

Jezersko, secluded among the mountains, retains its purity, which is also reflected in the rich flavors of the ingredients that grow here. Slovenia’s small size effortlessly brings together the Mediterranean temperament and the majestic Alps, combining them in the flavours of their dishes. Chef believes in constant inspiration, so spontaneous menus can – and do – get created during a morning visit to the local sellers and a stroll through the woods. The diversity of gathered ingredients allows for countless opportunities to create truly fairy-like food. Simple but sophisticated!

Domačija Vino Gaube

Enter gastronomic adventures through harmonies of selected natural tastes of your or our choice. 

Gostilna in pivnica Stari Pisker

Located in the very center of the historical city Celje, which is known after the powerful Counts of Celje, the most important late medieval noble family on the territory of present-day Slovenia. Our coat of arms with the three golden stars on blue background is inherited from that period.

The catering industry takes place at this location for many years, some have succeeded, others failed and made room for us. Tavern and pub Stari pisker opened its doors on October 2012. We completely overhauled our food & drinks menu as well as altered the whole building to suit our vision and goals. Their vision is very straightforward and has proved to be effective. They offer high quality and distinct culinary experience with matching drinks.

Gostilna Mencinger

The Mencinger Inn is located at the junction of the Pomurje plains, in the hilly world of the Radgon-Chapel hills, from which the noble vine of which the juice is known around the world smiles. The building of the inn has been preserved since its inception, which dates back to 1890, when the Austro-Hungarian monarchy ruled it. the interior has been renovated, but we have retained some ancient elements that give our ambiance a special charm.

Gostilnica Barba

Steakhouse located in Novo mesto.

Hiša Fink

In Dolenjska, a bunch of interesting new or refurbished inns have been joined by a house in Novo mesto that works with updated local food and a large wine cellar.

Damjan Fink is a chef and entrepreneur who fights on two fronts. At the Ljubljana Castle, where he patronizes the Slovenian entrepreneur and the Kobarid cook, offering authentic Slovenian cuisine, and more recently in his home town of Novo mesto, where he tries to offer traditional, more or less Dolenjska recipes in a modern way.


Hotel Evropa

You will be taken into a world of heavenly tastes where you will be pampered by the highest level of service in a modern setting with pleasant music in the background. Our professional and friendly staff will serve you the culinary delights of our master chef which will be combined with the best Slovenian and foreign wines of your choice or upon the recommendation of a sommelier. At your request, we will organize and select a menu for formal receptions, occasional lunches and dinners, wedding celebrations, anniversaries, annual year-end business parties, etc. At their restaurant or in a select location, they will prepare the best slow food, finger food, a cold and warm buffet, and menus for various occasions.

Restavracija Ajda

The offer of Ajda Restaurant is based on local, fresh and seasonal ingredients, while maintaining the superior taste and aesthetics of their dishes.

Restavracija Amon

Amon Restaurant is furnished in a rustic wine cellar with authentic wine cultural heritage, which is very rich in the surroundings of Virštanj. We would like to offer our guests a wide range of original culinary delights and wines from our own production.

Restaurant Amon is a certified organic restaurant and is the first ecologically certified restaurant in Slovenia. Their offer consists of three parts: daily offers, seasonal offers and classic a la carte offers

Restavracija Kodila

The Kodilla blows to the soul of the mass taste, while inviting the good-natured minority, it is traditional and modern at the same time, but in its own way. Homemade inn and steak house, ham and gourmet shop, snacks and sandwiches, stews and menus, burgers and tomahawks, beef and mangali, Prekmurje ham and Prekmurje gibanica. And it all starts with even hot greaves!

Restavracija Sofija

They combine only the best local dishes with selected nuances of international cuisine in the À La Carte Restaurant Sofija. Our dishes are prepared in a modern way according to the philosophies of the Viennese and Mediterranean cuisine. Furthermore, the menu composition is adapted to seasons and fresh seasonal ingredients from the surrounding areas of Rimske terme. Gourmet delights are rounded off by top-quality wines from all Slovenian wine-growing regions.

Taverna Kupljen

The tavern was opened in the midst of stunning hills in 1989, and today the visitors enjoy a magnificent panoramic view, while in the Tavern its homeliness and equipment made from old wine barrels and presses. Jože’s work in the vineyards and cellar is continued by his son Samo with his wife Lidija.

They offer local culinary specialties, following the seasons. Goat cheese, Ljutomer ementaler, tuna meat, home-made greaves, one-day-old homemade sausage, and greaves served with homemade bread evaporated from the plate. A wonderful presentation of wine-growing hills, fields, and pastures has taken us over with authentic local flavors. With a mouth full of strong flavors, Kuplen’s excellent chiffon, 2015, which is already the fruit of Sam’s estate management, with the aromas of flowers, yellow apple, and citrus, gave it the freshness it needed.


The new Boschtiz Cafe, Bistro and Bar in Šiška, Ljubljana serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and other drinks. They start early, and when you wonder if there is anything open in Šiška, you can count on Boschtiz. In the evening, the lights dim and the café turns into a true cocktail bar with a wide range of beverages, including a particularly wide selection of rum, including species that have never entered the Slovenian soil before.

EK Bistro

You will find the EK Bistro near the Grain Bridge. Its menu includes tasty breakfast and brunch treats, among them the ”French melt” – a sandwich with onion, baked mushrooms, and gruyère cheese, and a strawberry and kale smoothie. All egg dishes such as Eggs Benedict, Eggs Florentine, and Eggs Royale use organic eggs. Every morning the EK Bistro offers freshly baked cinnamon buns and croissants served with home-made marmalade.

Gostilna Pr Čop

Getaway from everyday worries and experience unforgettable moments in the idyll of Slovenian traditional cuisine, beautiful views of the surrounding hills and authentic hospitality. With the unique culinary experience in a warm and relaxed atmosphere you will be impressed by the first youngest chef in Slovenia, Lojze Čop. The goodies “from the field to the plate” transforms you into top-quality snacks that convince even the most demanding guests.

Gostilna Ribnik

The inn is located along the old road between Zagorje and Trbovlje across Ravenska vas, next to an artificial pond. The dining room can serve 35 people and the outdoor terrace has 90 seats

Gostilna Vitez

In their kitchen are ingredients in most local, fresh and very good quality. Therefore, even their food is always freshly prepared and very tasty! Apart from fresh ingredients is very important, the technique of preparing food. When we are aware of this and therefore our food is prepared slowly and with passion. Our food is superb because it contains more fresh vegetables, more high-quality meat and selected herbs. Each dish is made up of several components that receive space on the plate, which we hear from your mouth the word yum. 

Gostišče Pekel

Pekel Inn (or Hell’s Inn in English) is situated at the bottom of Pekel canyon near Borovnica, only 15 minutes away from Vrhnika. Driving through Bistra where you can visit The Museum of Technology and then Borovnica, turn to Ohonica here there’s canyon’s well. There we’ll great you warmly: ”Welcome to Pekel”.

Pekel canyon, where our little, personal heaven is situated, is only 25 minutes drive from Ljubljana. In the hot summer days, you can refresh and calm yourselves sitting by the mighty falls, while in winter one can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the falls are all new, so you can climb to the top enjoy the full beauty of nature.


Gostila pri Zalogarju

The guesthouse Pri Zalogarju is located in the heart of the Selška valley. We happily greet everyone who roams around the surrounding hills or skis on the near ski slopes. They satisfy your hunger already with simple stews, and we will be honored if you celebrate your personal or business events with us. You can spend the night in the rooms of the guesthouse or you can spend your holidays in a suite for a longer period of time. They are a kind restaurant where you will like to return.

Marley & Me

While the name will almost inevitably bring to mind images of the 2008 Owen Wilson/Jennifer Aniston romantic comedy and its titular yellow Labrador, we assure you that that’s strangely only a matter of coincidence and definitely shouldn’t affect your judgment of this adorable little bistro in the old town, which has long been one of our favorite spots to bring guests in Ljubljana. With just a handful of tables, soft lighting, copious amounts of exposed wood and lots of rustic charm, it’s one of the most romantic restaurants in Slovenia, and the service is both attentive and genuinely personable. The menu has a strong Mediterranean influence, with a concise yet varied selection of exceptional salads, pasta, meat, and fish dishes – just make sure to save room for dessert.

Posestvo Trnulja

In the developed world, organic and locally produced food is increasingly appreciated. In the Trnulja’s restaurant, they offer 100% ecologically certified food and drinks, which we, with a combination of experience and wisdom on one hand, and youth and creativity on the other, transform in culinary masterpieces.

Their menu adapts to nature in its seasons. Four times a year we change it from head to toe so that we can offer what is available virtually on our doorstep in each quarter of the year. The 50 % of the ingredients are produced and processed by us on the Trnulja estate, and the rest is preferably purchased from the Slovenian organic farmers who feed their animals with the organic corn bought from our estate.


Ther story is new and fresh, like fresh bread every morning. Then you just smear it with butter and the world is instantly nicer. You have a great cup of coffee next to you, and your day is off to a great start. In the afternoon you come for lunch or lunch, head to the site and you’re happy again. In the evening, when you are a little tired, you come for one deca of wine, pick up two more gamblers, and the day is a complete victory.

Restavracija Angel

Angel restaurant found its place in the extension of the Mercator Center Sisak in Ljubljana. The space, with its minimalist yet homey lounge ambiance, is a true balm for the eyes and soul. It is intended for guests who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the mall while indulging in angelic culinary delights.

Restavracija diVino

The diVino Restaurant combines only the best of the Dulcis Gourmet Group.

The ambience of the restaurant perfectly exemplifies the concept of diVino, combining modern architecture and rusticity – just as one can feel in the cuisine that comes under the hands of Chef Matjaž Cotič.

On the one hand, their dishes respect the tradition of the Goriška Brda traditional cuisine, where our roots are, and on the other, they look back at modern food preparation trends.

As part of the Dulcis Gourmet Group, diVino is much more than a restaurant. On the ground floor of the restaurant is a shop with specialties of our own production, which we use to design our dishes. On the green terrace of the restaurant we organize unforgettable gatherings and wild parties. For completed companies with our experienced staff and modern equipment, we offer the highest level of catering.

Restavracija Julija

The Julija restaurant is intended for lovers of good food and the downtown atmosphere, who do not necessarily associate this with all that characterizes previous centuries.

Restavracija Union

An extensive lunch or dinner menu is on offer at the charming restaurant of Grand Hotel Union. Here guests can choose from the imaginative creations of executive hotel chef. In fine weather it is possible to eat outside on the beautiful terrace garden under the shade of 100-year-old chestnut trees in Ljubljana city centre. For a gourmet experience in a delightful setting.

Sato Bento

Hidden away in Ljubljana’s aesthetically-challenged (to put it diplomatically) Ledina Center complex, Sato Bento is not only arguably the best Japanese restaurant in Slovenia, but it’s the closest thing you’ll get to the Sukiyabashi Jiro experience, only here chef Shin Sato’s omakase dinner menu will only set you back €25-42 instead of €300, and lunches start at an even more pocket-friendly €7. Reservations are always a good idea, unless you don’t mind waiting, as the small cosy space is almost guaranteed to be packed during peak hours.

Soba 102

One of the key points of Room 102’s identity is food. We show doubles to spaghetti shops and pizzerias, go to all kinds of junk-food-covered restaurants, show fancy placards that you need a good imagination, not a mountain of money, for a good and nice plate. The kitchen follows the seasons (seasonally appropriate ingredients are used for the kitchen), international trends (sous-vide, bbq,…) and the needs of the city man (quickly prepared and served, without the aggravated portions).

Sveti Florjan

While Ljubljana’s food scene has really been picking up proverbial steam in recent years, Sveti Florijan still manages to push the limits when it comes to international gastronomic trends. Its eclectic, fusion-inspired menu is guaranteed to surprise even seasoned foodies, and it regularly changes depending on the whims of the head chef or the owners – each of whom has spent years traipsing around the globe and bring all kinds of imaginative flavors to the cobbled streets of Gornji Trg. When it comes to drinks, the dizzying wine list is as diverse as the menu, with bottles from some of the most interesting and innovative winemakers of Slovenia, Italy, France and further afield lining the walls. 

Taverna Tatjana

A stroll from the Townhall thought the narrow streets of the historical center of Ljubljana takes you along beautiful ancient facades to Gornji trg (Upper Market). At the end of the street, in a small old house, Taverna Tatjana opens its friendly interior decorated in antique style. The homely comfort of the taverna and the hospitality and undivided attention of its owner are felt immediately. A wide selection of good wines accompanies the many extravagant Dalmation dishes and other delicacies.