TOP Slovenia Events this week 20. – 26. 1. 2020


TOP Slovenia Events week 20. – 26. 1. 2020

We have gathered TOP events that will be on this week. Winter activities are slowly making their way onto the event calendar. Read below about the hand-picked events and pick your favorite event to visit and enjoy!

Monday 20th till 22nd: IT Security Conference in Rimske Toplice.

Lectures, workshops and case studies held by the most prominent speakers in the industry of information security!

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Tuesday 21st till 22nd: Conventa – a trade show for Meetings Events and Incentives.

Conventa is a meticulously organised business event, with selected regional and international exhibitors and buyers. It pulls inspiration from everything that exceeds established guidelines, successfully breaking boundaries when it comes to organising business events.

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Wednesday 22nd till 26th: IBU Biathlon World Cup in Pokljuka.

Pokljuka will host the IBU World Cup Biathlon between 22 and 26 January, one of the annual winter sports highlights in Slovenia. Also this year, the Slovenian World Cup race has an extremely attractive disciplines, and at the same time it will be the test event for the IBU World Championships 2021 Pokljuka

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Thursday 23rd: BIO 26: Common Knowledge in Ljubljana

BIO 26| Common Knowledge is organized around a central exhibition of historic and contemporary projects that are presented at MAO, the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana. At the central exhibition prominent works of Otto Neurath, Orson Welles, Victor Papanek, Otl Aicher, Superflux, Dunne & Raby, Forensic Architecture, acclaimed infographist Jaime Serra, editorial designers Mark Porter & Francesco Franchi and the intrinsic Institute of Patent Infringement project are on the show. The 26th Biennial of Design is proud to collaborate with international partners, such as ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe and MU artspace Eindhoven. Both are showing exciting exhibitions on the framework of the biennial. The pharmaceutical company Lek is contributing a presentation of the Bohuslav Lavička Pharmaceutical and Medical Collection.

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Friday 24 till 26: The Snow Sculpture Festival “The Castles of King Matjaž”.

The winter event The Snow castles of King Matjaž takes place in the month of January, and it has taken place on a flat area called Matevžavi meadow under stadium in the centre of Črna na Koroškem.The event has been viewed by over ten thousand visitors. The building teams come from all over Slovenia and even from the neighbour Austria and other European countries. The central event of the Snow castles of king Matjaž is the competition of teams in building snow castles.

The three day event is accompanied by a lively cultural and sports program which is entirely connected to the legend of King Matjaž. On Fridays there is also the event of the night slalom next to the torches for the trophy of king Matjaž, and Saturdays are dedicated entirely to building snow castles.

The building of the castles is also accompanied every year by a fun cultural program (introduction of the teams, the choosing of Alenčica, performance of accordion players, fire show, the coming of king Matjaž, the announcement of results and the presentations of awards to the best teams. This is all accompanied by performances of well-known musicians.). Sundays are dedicated to spending time with families, interesting games are organized for children, for example: puppet shows, the hunt for the hidden treasure, building and painting of snow sculptures, possibilities of riding and many others.

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Friday 24th: Ice Skating in Lumpi park in Ljubljana

Magic Ice-rink Lumpi Park has again opened its door, this time on a new location in Sports Park Savsko naselje.

It provides the visitors recreational ice skating every day of the week. Even in case of bad weather there are no obstacles to enjoy ice skating as the rink consists of 600 m2 of the covered ice surface and 180 m of ice-skating paths which enable the visitors ‘a walk’ in the Sports park Savsko naselje.

The park with its magic decorations offers well-kept ice, borrowing the skates which are disinfected and dried, heated changing room, drinks and food, penguins – helpers for the youngest skaters.

Your ice-skating adventure will enable you to spend some quality time and a lot of activities and socializing with some good music in a pleasant environment.

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Products made with love in Slovenia