Cilenca Trails – the newest addition to Slovenian bike parks


Cilenca Trails Bike Park will be full of adrenaline and new experiences for both professional MTB riders and beginners.

Slovenia is truly becoming a world-renowned cycling destination with the development of many bike parks around the country, one of which is set to be open in May or June of 2021.

MTB enthusiasts from Slovenia and abroad will be happy to ride in the newest bike park in Slovenia, Cilenca Trails park, which is located at Zagorje ob Savi. The location is perfect for becoming a true mountain biking destination in Slovenia with its natural features and varied relief, which has been attracting mountain bikers for over a decade.

Cilenca Trails putting Slovenia on the map as one of the MTB destinations to visit

The Zagorska Dolina Cycling Club noticed an increased interest in mountain biking among both younger and older populations and thus began a project to build the newest mountain bike park in Slovenia called Cilenca Trails. With this project, they want to put Zagorje on the map of world cycling destinations.

The area of Cilenca, where new Slovenian mountain bike trails are being build as we speak, is located directly above the recreational area of the municipality of Zagorje ob Savi, called Evropark, where visitors can find space for various sports activities. The park area covers a large part of the Cilenca hill on about 16 hectares. Access to the top of the park will be arranged along the road towards Vine, and the end of the mountain bike trails will be at the end of Evroparka, opposite the Pumptrack Zagorje polygon.

In 2019, the Zagorska Dolina Cycling Club began to obtain all the necessary permits and consents from both the owners and the competent state institutions. The process of obtaining permits was also successfully completed during the year and the first phase of construction began. By the end of spring 2021, the Cycling Club Zagorska Dolina plans to open the Cilenca Trails mountain bike park.

6 trails full of adrenaline at Cilenca Trails

Until the official opening of Cilenca Trails, the team of the cycling club Zagorska Dolina plans to complete three mountain bike trails. The first so-called “Flow track”, which is full of sloping turns, waves and jumps in width, is almost complete. The Flow line measures 2 m and is 1.6 km long, and will be suitable for the widest circle of users or MTB enthusiasts if you will.

At the same time, two additional single trails are being built, which will be slightly longer and more technically demanding. The club has also arranged bridging at the end of the park and crossing with the existing footpath in the area to help reduce the speed of cyclists. By the end of 2022, the cycling club plans to complete the remaining three trails and a “skills park” for learning the basics of mountain biking,as well as a circular trail.

Cilenca Trails Park will be designed for all levels of MTB experience, the difficulty of each trail will be different, which will allow you to gradually learn the skills of the sport and the possibility of safe progress in mountain biking.

Use of the park will be free for all users. The Zagorska dolina cycling club will continue to manage the park, together with volunteers who take care of its maintenance and safe use.

MTB events will be held at Cilenca Trails soon

As part of the Cilenca Trails Park, during the peak of the cycling season (March – November) the cycling club Zagorska dolina will organize group training programs for mountain biking, run workshops on riding techniques, teambuildings for closed groups, a mountain biking school for the youngest and other educational sporting events.

In cooperation with the Cycling Association of Slovenia and the Mountaineering Association of Slovenia, an educational center will be established in the park and the planned facility at the foot of the park, which will provide training for professional staff, mountain biking coaches and touring guides and various lectures.

In 2022, they will run the SloEnduro series race for the Slovenian Cup in the enduro discipline, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. They will also organize short one-day events and competitions and thus enrich the tourist offer of both Zagorje and Zasavje.

Interview with the president of Cycling club Zagorska Dolina