International Call for Water Innovations RESPONSIBLE TOWARDS WATER


Bled Water Festival in cooperation with Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Republic of Slovenia together with partners

calls for innovative and sustainable solutions that cover the entire water cycle and preserve the aquatic environment.

We seek new trends in a different understanding of water, water environments, different solutions that consider the entire water cycle and improve the quality of life in the future, and at the same time preserve the water environment. We would like to discover and award your innovative ideas which improve the water footprint.

Water resources are a natural and a public good, lifeblood for all living beings, and a necessary medium for society. The water footprint becomes an increasingly important part of a successful economy and industries. Companies are not only water consumers or water pollutants, but more and more a source and a hatchery of new technologies for water supply, water treatment and
water re use. Often, their innovative solutions and good practices in the field of environment are not exploited well enough. The solutions that improve their attitude towards water resources, water environment and water use are important part of the new industrial revolution in times when water is becoming the most important strategic natural resource.

This year we will award the best water projects for the fifth time in a row and past award winning projects are presented on The goal of the awards is to create a pool of water related solutions from around the globe thus putting their mark on improving the quality of life and transition to green economy. In Responsible Towards Water Awards we include all the relevant
participants governments, private sector, experts, civil society, so the projects and ideas can be shared an d connected with suitable recipients. Please feel invited to join with your great innovations, ideas and projects.

Bled Water Festival is the leading platform in CEE region in the field of finding water innovations,creating new regulators and providing solutions.

You are kindly invited to be part of the Responsible towards Water Awards with your innovative solution that changes our world for the better.

Who can apply
1. Micro, small, medium and large sized enterprises from all around the world that provide services, products and solutions connected with improving the quality of water resources and reduced water use that also raise quality of life and consider the entire water cycle. Developmental solutions based on the inclusion of Green and Blue infrastructure.
2. National projects that include examples of good practice (living with water, industry, nature and people), developmental solutions based on the inclusion of Green and Blue infrastructure.
3. Individual projects (natural persons), associations, non governmental organizations that provide services, products and solutions connected with improving the quality of water resources and reduced water raising quality of life and considering the entire water cycle. Developmental solutions based on the inclusion of Green and Blue infrastructure.

The awarding
12 April 2021: call for applications
31 May 2021: deadline for applications
11 June 2021: the announcement of the regional winner in each category

The best projects in 6 categories will be awarded:
– 4 Corporate awards
– 1 National award
– 1 Individual award

The jury will be appointed by 17 May 2021 by the partners of Responsible towards water awards.

Evaluation Criteria
– Preserving the water environment: 20 points
– Innovation/difference: 20 points
– Consideration of the water cycle and cycle economy: 15 points
– Ease of implementation: 15 points
– Improving the quality of life: 10 points
– Improving people’s habits: 10 points
– Utilization of water resources: 5 points
Attitude towards water resources and water environment: 5 points
Total: 100 points

Application forms
The application forms are available on our website:
Application fee
Application for Responsible towards Water Awards is free of charge.

Conditions and instructions for participation
– Every organisation which has no outstanding financial obligations towards their state may participate.
– The past winners of Responsible towards Water Awards cannot apply with the same project.
– In the case of incomplete application, you will be invited to complete it.
– In four days after the confirmation of your application, you will receive a confirmation e mail stating that your application is received. With this confirmation, you are included in the competition.
– On 11 June 2021 all participants will receive an e mail with the shortlist of winners.
– The organizer does not cover any expenses related to the award receiving or similar.
– The nominees are obliged to participate in award ceremony.
– The Bled Water Festival can enable a presentation of the products/services of all nominees at the location (free of charge) insofar as state Covid 19 preventive measures will allow the festival to be performed live. However, please consider that there are some spatial and fitting limitations due to which certain presentations cannot be realized.

All winners are obliged to cooperate further with the Bled Water Festival platform at their best (the winners will be invited to round tables, lectures, solving problems with their solutions,
– After your application, the organizer has the right to publish all data, which can be found under »public announcement« in the application form.
– A video clip or photo material of your products/services is welcomed (please send it to our e mail address). All material will be publicly available. In case, the data, photo/video material is confidential, please state that the material is confidential, and we will consider them as such.
– The organizer has the right to increase the number of the jury members if there will be more applicants than planned
– In case you state the size of your company incorrectly, you will be disqualified.
– If the finalists would like to attend the Bled Water Festival for 2 days, our organization can provide the all access accreditation. In this case, please inform us until 1 June 2021 (24:00 CET).
– The award does not present any financial compensation. The award will be received in physical form, the award ensures the inclusion to consortium as well.
– For any further information, please send your inquiry to [email protected]

About Responsible towards Water Awards
BWF team
Dr. Mitja Bricelj , Slovenia
Prof. Mihael J. Toman, Ph.D., Slovenia
BWF team

Dr. Mitja Bricelj , State Secretary, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Slovenia
Romain Ciarlet , Secretary General, Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco
Dóra Gere , National Public Health Center , Hungary
Andrej Hren , M.Sc ., Secretary General, Slowenischer Wirtshaftsverband , Austria
Elizabeta Kos , Director of Water Management and Sea Protection Directorate, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Croatia
Nataša Milić , Acting director of Water Directorate Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management, Serbia
Tanja Miškova , Ambassador, Department of International Organisations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Slovenia
– Dr. Mojca Šraj , Slovenian National Committee for IHP UNESCO, Slovenia

BWF contact
[email protected]
+386 (0)30 331 732