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Aleš Lisac, the director of Lisac&Lisac company, is recognized in the Slovenian business sphere as a distinguished marketing expert, consultant, and lecturer. With his expertise in marketing and sales, he has enlightened over 160,000 participants at various seminars and workshops held in 13 different countries worldwide. Additionally, he regularly provides consulting services to companies across more than 100 different industries and shares his wealth of knowledge with students at several Slovenian faculties.

What was your most important lesson in 2023?

I was invited as one of the eight speakers to the ‘Final Fling’ – the last seminar ever of my dear friend Drayton Bird. I hope this was a bit of a marketing trick; however, he is 87, and this was perhaps his last seminar ever. So, the event took place in July 2023 in London. When talking about his biggest regret, Drayton said: ‘lack of ambition.’ That got me thinking, And I made a promise to myself that it would not be my regret. So, the most important lesson in 2023 is that business is a game, and in order to be successful in it, you have to focus and play the best you can and never stop. Because, unlike most sports, in business, age really does not matter.

What global trend will shape 2024?

AI, of course. Especially in my line of work, this presents an unbelievable opportunity. It is the perfect tool to increase our output and to be 10x more productive. The other trend I hope will spread around our planet is free speech. During the coronavirus times, we saw what happened when smart people, scientists, and business owners were silenced. Censorship is bad for mankind and bad for business. I hope 2024 is a year of free speech.

What will be the most key skill in 2024?

Understanding the Consumer: The key skill for 2024 is truly understanding the consumer and deeply resonating with Joe Sugarman’s principles in ‘Triggers.’ Just as Sugarman emphasizes the psychological factors that prompt people to buy, marketers in 2024 need to dive deeper into the psyche of their customers. It’s not just about demographics or surface-level preferences; it’s about understanding the underlying emotional triggers, the unique quirks, and the desires that drive each individual. By embracing this level of understanding, marketers can create not just campaigns, but experiences that feel tailor-made. It’s this personalized touch that will differentiate successful businesses from the rest.

Aleš Lisac at the event Festival odločitev (Festival of Decisions), organizer: Speaker.si
Aleš Lisac and Niko Slavnič at the event Festival odločitev. Lisac was nominated as one of the Top 10 Speakers in Slovenia in a competition Best Of.

Tips and tricks to help personal/business growth succeed in 2024:

Building and Maintaining Customer Lists: In 2024, the importance of building and maintaining a robust customer list cannot be overstated. This list is more than just a database; it’s a goldmine of opportunities, a direct line to your most valuable asset – your customers. Each name on the list represents not just a potential sale, but a relationship that needs nurturing. Through regular, meaningful, and entertaining communication businesses can deepen these relationships. Remember, in a world flooded with generic advertising, personal and engaging communication is what captures attention. This list is your media channel, owned and controlled by you, cutting through the noise of the crowded marketplace.

What is your top resolution for 2024?

Finding a Niche and Becoming Number One: For 2024, my top resolution is to not just expand beyond Slovenia but to find a niche and dominate it globally. The plan is to leverage AI, not as a tool, but as a cornerstone strategy in identifying and catering to this niche. Success lies in not just being a part of the market but leading it. This means innovating, pushing boundaries, and constantly learning. It’s a bold ambition, but with the right focus, I am confident in becoming the number one in this chosen niche. Wish me luck!