Slovenian companies ADC Systems and AJM received a prestigious award for innovation


The companies ADC Systems and AJM okna-vrata-senčila d.o.o. have received the prestigious German Innovation Award 2024, which recognizes outstanding achievements and innovations in the field of technology and industrial design.

The German Innovation Award is an accolade awarded annually by a renowned organization specializing in recognizing excellence across various industrial sectors. Recipients of this award stand out for their innovation, product quality, and contribution to the development and advancement of the industry.

“Receiving this award is a great honor for our company and confirms our commitment to achieving the highest standards of quality and innovation,” said the director of ADC Systems, Mag. Aleksandar Dojčinović. “We are very proud of our team, whose dedication and hard work made this remarkable success possible.”

“In the company AJM, we are extremely proud to have won this prestigious award again.”

This recognized international award was granted for the innovative approach to managing front doors with our own application, i.AccessPro by AJM. The German Innovation Award is awarded by the German Design Council (Rat für Formgebung), which was established in 1953 by a resolution of the German Federal Parliament, aimed at promoting and supporting design and innovation. The main purpose of the award is to recognize innovations that bring technical novelties and at the same time offer real added value for users.

Bringing the future into your home

The i.AccessPro application is not just a tool for unlocking your front door. It is the key to an entire smart home system, which you can upgrade with additional features such as controlling shades and other smart devices. The application was developed in collaboration with an external partner, the Slovenian company ADC Systems.

Upon awarding the prize, the international jury highlighted that our application opens new paths for future living. The company director, Trivo Krempl, said, “This award is a confirmation and encouragement for us to continue with development and innovations. We look forward to discovering new possibilities that smart home technology brings together.”

An app that makes your everyday life easier

An app that makes your everyday life easier Imagine coming home with your hands full of bags or carrying a child, and your front door automatically unlocks as you approach. This is just one of the functionalities that i.AccessPro enables. The app not only simplifies your daily life with contactless unlocking but also allows you to create virtual keys and customize access—for instance, granting entry to a cleaner, a washing machine repairman, a meal delivery person for your frail grandmother, or a caregiver for your mobility-impaired father. You can specify who can enter your home, office, or vacation rental and when. This makes the app ideal not only for families but also for entrepreneurs and owners of tourist properties who want to remotely control access and manage their properties from afar.

Simple and worry-free use

The i.AccessPro app is designed to suit individuals of all generations—from tech-savvy users to those just getting acquainted with smart technologies. All procedures and operations, from installation to daily management, are clear, simple, and intuitive. We provide all support, regular updates, and maintenance, so you can rely on our app without any worries. The app operates in Slovenian and is tailored to local conditions.

Don’t hesitate—unlock your home or office doors with a single touch, anytime, anywhere, with the internationally awarded i.AccessPro app! i.AccessPro is already available to AJM front door customers.

For more information, contact AJM or visit the nearest showroom where you can also try out the app.