Plastika Skaza with six-hour workday


2 allow its employees to better balance their work and private life

Velenje, 8 June, 2019 – Plastika Skaza, a fast-growing Slovenian plastics maker, will introduce a six-hour working day in October to allow its employees to better balance their work and private life. Plastika Skaza is thus one of very few Slovenian companies opting for change, after Donar, a manufacturer of chairs from recycled materials, shortened the workday by two hours in 2018 without lowering pay or paying less social security contributions for their employees.

An eight-hour working day, or a 40-hour week, is the standard rule in Slovenia, although labour legislation allows for a shorter, 36-hour, week. With automation on the one hand and work becoming ever more intense on the other, Slovenian trade unions have made a shorter workday one of their goals a while ago. Labour Minister Ksenija Klampfer has recently said a reflection on the matter is needed, but companies are reluctant to change, especially given the shortage of staff in some branches of industry.

Nevertheless, Plastika Skaza says efficiency is more important for business success that the mere number of hours spent at work. Aleksandra Logar, human resources head at the Velenje-based company, told the STA the new regime would be phased in department by department, starting with the accounting service.

Despite working 10 hours less a week than now, the Plastika Skaza employees will be insured for pension for the full, 40-hour, working week. Plastika Skaza, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2017, has more than 300 employees and around 100 temps. Its revenue last year exceeded EUR 40 million for the first time in its 40-year history, while pre-tax profit was up seven-fold to EUR 1.4 million.

The company sells around 90% of its kitchenware products abroad, mostly in Scandinavian markets. This year it plans to enter the German market and continue with investments in research and development. Earlier this week the Slovenian-German Chamber of Commerce honoured it with an award for innovation for its focus on synergies, sustainable development and corporate social responsibility.

Source: STA

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Products made with love in Slovenia