NEXT ROUND presents Demo Day for Slovenian startups


NEXT ROUND will be presenting Demo Day for Slovenian startups on September 10th, 2020. This year the event and presentation of Slovenian startups will be held online.

Next Round is hosting the pre-event demo day. It’s an invite-only event for registered Next Round investors. Demo Day is a part of an ongoing prep process of early stage startups with innovative potential and the ability to execute.

Out of over a hundred interesting teams who are being supported, mentored, financed or assisted by the Slovenian startup ecosystem, the Next Round Demo Day 6 are our early stage picks of the season. At the event, real investors Pedja Predin from South Central Ventures, Gytenis Galkis from 70Ventures and Branko Drobnak from Slovenian Business Angels will listen to the pitch, do a little teardown and provide feedback on what’s missing and can be done better at the event.

Audience questions will be also thrown into the mix and there will be a chance for some meet and greet with the teams.

Learn more about Slovenian startups of the year here.

Slovenian startups pitching at NEXT ROUND

At this Demo Day there will be 6 Slovenian startups, which will be pitching their ideas and companies to the jury for a chance to raise capital. All the startups are incorporated in Slovenia.


Upsquare’s vision is to increase user retention for news sites and online shops, where the service lets you transform your website into a native mobile app. With Upsquare user retention increases up to 30%.

Upsquare offers functionalities such as content optimization, text analysis, media and web link optimizations. Based on the given feedback information the system recommends the where the content could be improved.


The eFlamingo social gaming platform makes sure that the count is accurate and that the loser pays up to the winner, resolving any disputes between the competing parties. eFlamingo let’s players select the amount of money they want to vaguer on a game, from $1 to $20, and shows them what return they will generate if they win.

Once they’ve accepted a challenge or entered a tournament, the entry fee money from each player’s account is withdrawn and the combined prize pool will be held in our secure escrow account. Players can communicate through the match lobby chat or by private message as they set up their game and prepare to face off! 


Agitron solutions enable meaningful and lasting connections with customers by creating a frictionless customer journey and a feeling of belonging. With the power of real-world sensor data and Agitron Clarence AI, retailers can enhance and optimize store operations, provide better product information, and improve customer engagement both offline and online.


Opti.Space provides a platform for reservations for your spaces ranging from Desk, Office, Meeting Space, and Training Room to Event Space or Parking place where you can beautifully showcase your space and attract new customers. Listing your space is completely free. We take a 18,3% fee for usage of our platform for each success-based reservation for your space on our Platform Opti.Space.You only enter your required price (per hour or day or month), we add automatically our 18,3% usage fee.


First user-friendly, compact, powerful and stylish electric outboard motor.


TWIRE developed a new category of software solutions, that helps esports competition organizers with the automatized processing and visualization of the data that is important to the viewer in order to keep them entertained.

Read more about Twire here.