How you can help Slovenian companies to survive Coronavirus?


As COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to pose challenges for Slovenia, communities, businesses, self-employed people and families that depend on tourism and the custom of the general public are being forced to think on their feet.

While gathering in large groups or frequenting the usual spaces is not recommended and even banned, for the time being, there are still ways that you can support local businesses and spread some hope for Slovenian companies amid Coronavirus outbreak.

Buy gift cards

Slovenian governments have issued a ban from larger gatherings and almost all restaurants have been forced to shut down their kitchens. All cafes, bars, and shops have also been closed, with the exception of grocery stores, pharmacies, post offices, petrol stations, and hospitals. For many company owners, this is a huge blow to their businesses and livelihoods.

Supporting local Slovenian cafés, shops, and restaurants by ordering food to go is one way to help them financially while purchasing gift cards for future celebrations and events would also help see them through the coming weeks and months. If you’re feeling extra generous, you could even buy gift cards for people in need that support local businesses and helps them feed the people amid the outbreak of Coronavirus in Slovenia.

Post your experience and tag them on social media

Seemingly, as now we have more time on our hands, we can support local and small businesses during the Coronavirus outbreak in Slovenia. If you know the companies, shops, and restaurants well post a supportive review, tag them in your social media accounts and share your experience. This will surely help them out a lot in the future when the situation with Coronavirus in Slovenia slows down.

Buy the products online

A lot of Slovenian shops, companies, and even restaurants have their own online stores set up. This will now be their only way to keep their business up the float. Contactless payments and not going out into an actual store will also keep you safe from catching the Coronavirus in Slovenia.

Order food online

Similar to the previous statement, many restaurants and also bakeries have stepped up in this difficult time and have offered food delivery to your doorstep. This way you can still enjoy your favorite restaurant meal in Slovenia. All restaurants and food delivery companies such as Wolt and eHrana, have set up contactless payment and delivery to keep you and the delivery service personnel safe from Coronavirus in Slovenia.

Purchase an online course or e-book

Many companies have started offering online courses. The shut down doesn’t mean everything comes to a halt. We can use this opportunity to learn something new. Join an online course or webinar, or purchase an e-book of your interest from a local publishing house.

Spread the news

If you know any amazing companies, services, restaurants or shops, make sure you use your online presence on social media to spread the word about the products you purchased or how pleased you were with the service of a particular company with your friends or followers.

If you know any Slovenian companies that offer home delivery services, let us know, here.

Together we can be stronger during these difficult times!