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Here at The Slovenia we’re aware of the importance of being present on social networks. We spread the visibility of our brand, numerous books, guides, events and projects, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We keep our followers on social networks up-to-date with news, tastes of Slovenia, local product manufacturers, events, wonders and beauty of the land and more This year we performed a detailed professional analysis of more than 250 restaurants in Slovenia, and dicovered, there are only 14 with more than 2.500 followers on Instagram and even fewer, that regularly post in English. Now is the right time to join the best!

The combination of a good editorial plan, unique response-provoking texts and attractive picture and video elements is the universal recipe for success on social networks. Surely you want more people to know about your interesting culinary offer and events, which can lead to even more visitors.

Allow us, to help you achieve this digital goal. Are you new to social networks and the thought of managing a business profile turns you off? Then we can offer the right solution. Maybe you have fresh and creative ideas and a knack for posts, which would attract the right people, but you don’t know how or where to start. Maybe you also know how to successfully run a social network page, but you simply don’t have the time.

We’ve prepared three packages for running and managing social networks for you, specifically for restaurant, tourism or other businesses. Let us help you start and improve your digital journey! Contact us at [email protected].

Grow with us 

More information on why work with us and what we offer in our Media Tool Kit.

Publication prepared for journalists and clients who wish to work wit us. Learn why working with us is a great decision for your business venture, which will provide you with exposure and growth. We kindly invite you to flip through the pages of our Media Tool Kit. THE SLOVENIA MEDIA TOOL KIT

Still not convinced? Take a look thorugh our monthy digital report to see where our website ranks and how much are social media is growing from month to month. THE DIGITAL REPORT_ JUL 2020

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