National Geographic & Slovenian Tourist Board partnership


15 million ads displayed, more than 222,000 unique users

From 14 January to 21 April 2019, the Slovenian Tourist Board created a branded content partnership with National Geographic, one of the leading and most recognised media companies in the world. The campaign has had excellent results: more than 8.5m displayed ads on portals, close to 15 million ads displayed on National Geographic social media channels, and more than 222,000 unique users viewed the articles.

A National Geographic photographer based in Slovenia created rich video and photographic content, which used a story of the four natural elements, i.e. air, water, earth, and fire, in the campaign to present Slovenia as a unique destination worth visiting in all four seasons. The videos and photographs of green as well as snow-covered Slovenia appeared on the webpages and social media profiles of this globally influential medium. The video stories of Slovenia were complemented with experiences as seen through the eyes of Ciril Jazbec, a multi-award winning, globally renowned photographer, who has been working with National Geographic since 2014.

Within the campaign, there were more than 8.5 million displayed ads on National Geographic web portalsand almost 15 million displayed ads on National Geographic social media channels– the most successful post was posted on the National Geographic Instagram profile and had more than 150,000 likes.  The video galleries and articles which appeared on the French, British, American, and the global National Geographic web portals and were created to promote Slovenia were viewed by more than 222,000 unique users, of which 120,000 users were from the target markets for Slovenian tourism (Germany, Austria, Italy, France, the United Kingdom, and the USA). The content will remain available on the web portals even after the campaign finishes and will continue to provide information on Slovenia.

“In the search for the next getaway, we are constantly exposed to a large amount of information. In this process, globally recognisable and influential media, which are trusted by experts and the general public alike, play a significant role. National Geographic is a company which, in all of the years of its operation, managed to stay relevant and, as studies indicate, maintain an incredibly high level of trust, since it excites viewers with very high-quality stories, which are based on facts. Within the scope of this cooperation, we wished to address the target group interested in nature, culture, and authentic experiences, and thus strengthen Slovenia’s image as a land with incredible natural beauty and green activities. This goal was achieved by way of world-class production of video and photo contents which were used within a true partnership to generate over 23.5 million displays,” said Maja Pak, Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board, upon the conclusion of the campaign.

The story of Slovenia is unique. The element of air takes you up to Slovenian mountains, water helps you explore the wealth of rivers and the sea, earth presents Slovenia as a world-class wine-growing region and a land with a unique subterranean world and cultural heritage, and fire highlights the special feature of its cuisine, which is based on local ingredients.

The Slovenian Tourist Board added something else to the campaign – a prize quiz, which used the elements of individual stories to invite users to visit Slovenia. The prize competition took place on the social media profiles of the Slovenian Tourist Board and the web portal from 1 to 30 April. Almost 7,000 users took the quiz about Slovenia. 

Acceptance of the award for the best international campaign at ITB Berlin. Photo: Nino Verdnik