TABOR: The tiny land of the star-crossed lover


Straddling the Zasavje Hills that form the southern border of the Lower Savinjska Valley, the municipality of Tabor is one of the most colorful in Slovenia. Remote, winding roads make it a popular place for mountain biking without having to worry about traffic.


Tabor village itself is a pretty little settlement in the foothills, which you’re almost sure to pass through as most of the area’s attractions are located to the south of it. Perhaps, however, the true majestic qualities of Tabor comes from its rich history, as it, and more specifically the Old castle Ojstrica, was the true setting to a tragic love story in the 15th century involving supposed witchcraft, imprisonment and murder. The tale of Veronika of Desenice claims that Veronika, a star-crossed lover to the Count of Celje’s son, was drowned upon the Count’s instructions despite being innocent on the charges of witchcraft. Since the early 19th century the tragic love story has been a popular source of inspiration for the works of many Slovene playwrights, poets and authors, and since 1997 the Veronika Award has been given annually for the best work of Slovene poetry during a festival of the same name in Celje.

KRVAVICA HILL: One of the most popular hiking spots in the Lower Savinjska Valley is Krvavica Hill. With an odd squarish shape and at a height of over 900m, Krvavica is a fleeting curiosity for many passing motorists. There are several different trails leading to the summit, but the most people opt for is the one that begins closest to the settlement of Loke, just south of the strange triangular roundabout. This path takes roughly one hour up and goes past the famous rock window near the top, where many believe Veronika of Desenice was murdered. Regardless, of whether the actual murdering occurred here, many take the red soil to symbolically represent her innocent blood.

TOURIST FARMHOUSE WEISS: Set high in the hills near the end of a steep valley, Tourist farmhouse Weiss is a bed and breakfast in the classical sense that just happens to be located on a farm. Although the drive is only 30 minutes from Celje and 45 minutes from Ljubljana, the location of  Tourist farmhouse Weiss is perfect for an escape into the middle of nowhere for a relaxing weekend away. The family who lives here and runs the place, painstakingly rebuilt the house in a traditional style several years ago, and the attention to detail is apparent everywhere you look: a large drawing room with a fireplace in the basement, bikes for rent, a grill and small swimming pool in the yard, and free tea, coffee and homemade pastries. Those looking for somewhere to camp for the night will be pleased to learn that they also have ground to pitch a tent or park a camper van.

LISJAK POND: It doesn’t get much more serene than a small lake (or large pond) in the middle of the forest. More of a catering facility than actual restaurant, it is an incredibly popular venue for weddings, but arrangements can also be made for parties, business meetings, family celebrations and picnics with smaller to medium groups. Set in the hills above Tabor, there are signs guiding guests to the pond and restaurant so there shouldn’t be any difficulty getting there.

APARTMENTS PR’ BRIŠNK: Staying overnight in Tabor can be a great way to make sure you have enough time to experience some more of the wonderful things that Tabor has to offer. One such place to stay is Apartments Pr’ Brišnk which has 6 suites, with 30 beds in total. Every apartment is equipped with a small kitchen, a dining room, a mini-fridge, internet and a bathroom. They also offer breakfasts and are available to cater other events. Pr’ Brišnk has equipment to facilitate numerous activities including walks in the dense forests, cycling in the beautiful countryside and rides around in wooden carts.

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