Almost 700 Slovenian Tourists stranded abroad amid Coronavirus outbreak


Around 700 Slovenian citizens have requested consular help unable to return home due to border closures amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

More than 650 Slovenians are still away abroad amid world-wide cancellations of flights and other public transport links due to the coronavirus crisis, Foreign Ministry data show. The Foreign Ministry said that almost half of those who responded to its call to get in touch was currently in EU countries, and a third in the Middle East, Asia, and Russia.

The figure includes both individuals and groups of tourists so that the actual number of those still away abroad is likely higher than 650.

They are mostly tourists and travelers rather than those living, working or studying abroad, the ministry said. Almost 300 of those who are still in some other EU country should not have major problems returning home.

Meanwhile, the ministry pledged to make its best effort to help get home some 200 Slovenians still in the Middle East, Asia or Russia. None of those who have got in touch is in trouble for the time being and all are safe.

A special “consular crisis cell” comprising 15 to 20 employees is working daily to help anyone in need of assistance. Talks have also been underway to evacuate Slovenian tourists in cooperation with other EU countries.

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The number of recorded cases of Coronavirus since the outbreak has approached 200,000. There are only 13 new infections in China. Infection with the new coronavirus has so far been confirmed in 146 countries worldwide. Coronavirus 19 killed more than 7800 people. So far, one-third of all infections have been confirmed in Europe.