Coronavirus Slovenia

Official coronavirus in Slovenia case count in now at 632. Almost 15.000 people were tested for a possible Coronavirus infection in Slovenia.

Coronavirus in Slovenia: number of infected people –> 632

The coronavirus death toll in Slovenia rose to nine on Friday as two persons died, the second day in a row that more than one fatality has been confirmed. By Thursday midnight the total number of confirmed infections rose to 632, up by a record seventy cases in a day, the latest government data show.

Prime Minister Janez Janša presented some encouraging news as Slovenia fights the coronavirus crisis, saying some of those who had fallen ill with Covid-19 have recovered and have been discharged from hospital. What is more, the condition of the first patient who needed a ventilator has improved so that they can now breathe on their own. “The fact that someone tests positive for the virus does not automatically mean they will end up in intensive care,” he said optimistically, noting these encouraging developments showed the disease was manageable.

In the retirement home at Šmarje pri Jelšah, the new coronavirus infection is currently confirmed in 32 residents, six more than Wednesday. Three residents were hospitalized at Celje Hospital on Wednesday. While two residents have died there. An resident of the Metlika nursing home died last night of complications caused by the new coronavirus, bringing the total number of Covid-19-related deaths in Slovenia to six.

The person had several underlying conditions, the head of UKC Ljubljana’s infectious disease clinic Tatjana Lejko Zupanc announced on Thursday. In the retirement home at Šmarje pri Jelšah, the new coronavirus infection is currently confirmed in 32 residents, six more than Wednesday. Three residents were hospitalized at Celje Hospital on Wednesday. While two residents have died there.

Slovenia urges expert opinion on COVID-19 transmission via food

Discussing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, EU agriculture ministers said on Wednesday that the bloc was currently not faced with food supply shortages, but risks persisted, according to unofficial information. Slovenia proposed getting an expert opinion on the possibility of COVID-19 transmission via goods to prevent any supply disruption.

Slovenia not planning additional lockdown restrictions for now due to Coronavirus

Interior Minister Aleš Hojs announced on Wednesday that it was not currently necessary to step up lockdown restrictions in Slovenia since compliance with the existing measures has been satisfactory.

While the government had been mentioning the possibility of also restricting movement to municipal borders, Hojs said that police had established relatively few violation in over 5,000 inspections carried out by since gathering in public spaces was prohibited last Friday. Moreover, only a few dozen violation reports were filed by citizens.

Hojs said the total figures showed violations among only 2% of those checked, a figure he finds encouraging and that he expects will not worsen but rather improve in the future.

The minister again urged people to stay at home and to also restrict themselves when it comes to outdoor recreation, making sure to give priority to elderly people, who need it more.

Government planning New Aid and Hints at Help for Self-Employed

Virtually all Slovenian businesses have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic and its ramifications with 93% of the companies surveyed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) reporting serious difficulties. The chamber estimates a stimulus package of up to 4 billion euro is needed to avert an economic and social crisis.

“The situation at businesses is getting more alarming by the day,” the GZS stated on Monday as it released the results of a survey conducted last week among micro, small, medium-sized and large companies.

Four out of ten companies estimate their revenue will drop by more than 70% in March due to disruption to business caused by a coronavirus, a further 18% expect to halve their revenue and as many projects a fall of at least 30%.

Micro and small businesses have been particularly hard hit with half of them expecting more than a 70% fall in revenue.

Current estimates show more than half of the companies surveyed expect a slump in business over the next three to six months and one out of three expects a limited scope of operations to persist for more than six months.

A large majority (61%) have been hit hardest by a drop in domestic demand and government measures banning the direct sale of goods and services to customers, suspended public transportation and school closure (59%).

Over a third (37%) report difficulties due to lockdowns and similar restrictions in other countries, and almost as many (35%) say they have been affected by a drop in foreign demand.

Slovenia receives a fresh shipment of protective gear

Slovenia received on Monday another shipment of protective gear to be used during the coronavirus epidemic, according to a tweet by Defence Minister Matej Tonin. A major shipment of much needed personal protective equipment arrived in Slovenia from the Czech Republic as an increasing number of businesses are joining the effort to meet the needs.

A plane carrying 25,200 N95 surgical masks, 500,000 other surgical masks and 5,000 protective suits landed at Ljubljana airport, the Civil Protection and Disaster Relief Administration said. “This and other shipments expected in Slovenia these days will significantly improve the material situation at Slovenian hospitals, which also means better and safer working conditions for doctors and other health staff,” the Infrastructure Ministry staid on Facebook. Slovenia received on Monday another shipment of protective gear to be used during the coronavirus epidemic, according to a tweet by Defence Minister Matej Tonin.

Slovenia joining the development of new Coronavirus vaccine

A Slovenian excellence center has started developing a vaccine for the new Coronavirus in cooperation with Slovenian and international companies, research institutes and universities. The main goal of the consortium is to develop a platform which would enable fast creation of vaccines in case of similar epidemics

Ban on social gatherings in Slovenia

Slovenia entered lockdown mode at midnight last night, as the government issued decree temporarily prohibiting public gatherings in public places to contain the spreading of Coronavirus in Slovenia. The decree prohibits the movement and gathering of people in public places until further notice, but there are exemptions to ensure that society can function. Meaning, while there is Coronavirus in Slovenia, people can “freely” move only for the utmost necessary errands, got to work, to take care of people in need of support, grocery shopping, visiting the hospital if feeling ill, going to the pharmacy or petrol station. The ban includes prohibition for children on the playgrounds during Coronavirus in Slovenia. The Government also prohibited gatherings for more than 5 people at the same time. People who will not follow the order will be fined with up to 400 euros.

Importantly, people may access public parks and other areas for walking, again mindful of the safety distance. Local communities may make more detailed rules depending on the needs of the community. In that case, mayors must post public notices.

With testing restricted to health and emergency workers, the elderly, those in hospitals and people exhibiting more severe symptoms, the government has warned that the number of actually infected people is probably several times higher and strict social distancing measures remain in place due to Coronavirus in Slovenia.

First protective masks for hospitals arrive in Slovenia amid Coronavirus outbreak

Slovenian Civil Protection is already distributing 413,000 ordinary surgical masks that have arrived in Slovenia due to Coronavirus amid the shortage of them. For the time being, these will be intended exclusively for healthcare institutions, ie hospitals, nursing homes, and some may also go to pharmacies.

More than 650 Slovenians still away abroad

More than 650 Slovenians are still away abroad amid world-wide cancellations of flights and other public transport links due to the coronavirus crisis, Foreign Ministry data show.

The Foreign Ministry said that almost half of those who responded to its call to get in touch were currently in EU countries, and a third in the Middle East, Asia and Russia. The figure includes both individuals and groups of tourists so that the actual number of those still away abroad is likely higher than 650. They are mostly tourists and travelers rather than those living, working or studying abroad, the ministry said. Almost 300 of those who are still in some other EU country should not have major problems returning home. Meanwhile, the ministry pledged to make its best effort to help get home some 200 Slovenians still in the Middle East, Asia or Russia.

Slovenia has the first fatality due to Coronavirus

The man is believed to have had multiple underlying conditions and been very ill prior to the infection. He had been infected in Metlika, where several residents of a nursing home contracted the disease from a doctor who became infected in Italy. This is the first recorded fatality due to Coronavirus in Slovenia. The doctor had been at work for three days before he became symptomatic, during which time he had been in contact with several nursing home residents and staff.

Hospitals canceled all unnecessary check-ups due to outbreak of Coronavirus in Slovenia

As of this moment, there are over 150.000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the world. In Slovenia, there are 190 cases of COVID-19. Due to Coronavirus, one patient in Slovenia has died.

Matej Tonin, the incoming defense minister, added that Debeli Rtič, a large Red Cross resort on the coast, could potentially be used to accommodate persons who need to self-isolate but do not have the ability to do so at home. The army has a field hospital with 25 beds, which is currently in Maribor but can be transferred to any location if needed within 48 hours. Another mobile unit with 120 beds is on the store at the Institute for Commodity Reserves. “With these two mobile units we can provide an extra 145 beds,” Tonin said.

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Additionally, the army has been asked to designate one of its barracks to provide an additional 300 beds if necessary. It should be clear by Friday morning which barracks will be chosen. The government ordered two million surgical face masks yesterday. Today China offered via diplomatic channels to help with protective equipment. Tonin said a list of things that Slovenia would ask China for was already being drawn up.

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Source: STA