Coronavirus in Slovenia: Death toll in Slovenia rises again due to COVID-19, new lifts of restrictions next week


The curve of Coronavirus in Slovenia is flattening out, however the death toll has risen again. There are no new infections with Coronavirus in Slovenia while the government is trying to reopen the borders for EU residents.

The Coronavirus has taken another life yesterday as STA reports, bringing the national death toll in Slovenia to 108. However, there are no new infections confirmed in the last two days. Coronavirus in the Slovenian case count, therefore, remains at 1469. On Monday there were 745 tests conducted due to Coronavirus in Slovenia. Reports from Slovenian hospitals show that there are only 9 Coronavirus patients remaining in the hospital. The figure of hospitalized Coronavirus patients in Slovenia dropped by six on the day before. Two were in intensive care, one fewer than on Sunday.

Additional easing of restrictions expected next week

Government coronavirus spokesperson Jelko Kacin announced that an additional easing of some of the remaining restrictions could be expected on Monday. He singled out the opening of hotels irrespective of size. Efforts are underway to open fitness and wellness centers, while swimming pools and similar facilities remain an open issue.

Jelko Kacin explained that individual departments were processing the guidelines and recommendations issued by the National Institute of Public Health to see what was possible within the given limitations due to Coronavirus in Slovenia. A decision on whether all primary and secondary school children return to school before the end of the academic year or not is meanwhile expected to be taken by the government on Thursday, said the head of the Association of School Headmasters, Gregor Pečan, after today’s meeting on the matter at the Education Ministry.

Janez Janša could change taxes, media financing

M Janez Janša announced potential changes to tax legislation and media funding as he gave a weekly interview with the private broadcaster Nova24TV on Monday evening. He said the group led by tax expert Ivan Simič would examine the possibilities for changes, “but some fast tax cuts could not be expected in this Coronavirus situation”. Asked what the government could do about the compulsory payment of license fee for public broadcaster RTV Slovenija, he said the Culture Ministry was already working on some legislative changes. “The least that could be done is to distribute this enormous amount of money in a more just way.”

EU residents can enter Slovenia

The Slovenian government has added new exemptions to the quarantine requirement for EU and Schengen zone nationals that in effect allow nationals from across the EU to enter the country as tourists, as long as they have confirmation of booking. The same applies to owners of property in Slovenia.

The new regime took effect on Friday after the government late on Thursday adopted a new decree that governs the border crossing regime not just with neighbouring countries but also on airports and ports.

Under the latest rules, EU and Schengen Zone nationals are required to quarantine for 14 days on arrival unless they qualify for what are now 17 exemptions.

Second wave of Coronavirus is possible in Slovenia

A potential second wave of coronavirus infections could occur in autumn or winter, but it is not very likely in summer, Bojana Beović, the head of the Health Ministry advisory task force for coronavirus, has told the STA. All efforts should be directed at preventing another nation-wide lockdown if the second wave occurs, she said.

Slovenia will most likely be spared the second wave in summer months “given the current epidemiologic status and the fact that people hang out outdoors in summer and there is no school”, the infectious diseases expert said.

However, in autumn the situation might change in Slovenia with the return to school and colder weather. Respiratory viruses thrive in such environments, added Beović, who also has fears about a potential simultaneous emergence of the flu and coronavirus.

Slovenia’s Covid-19 death toll rises to 106

Slovenia’s Covid-19 deaths toll has increased to 106 after one more patient died yesterday, while the case count remains at 1,468 with none of the 909 tests conducted yesterday returning positive, data from the government show. Only 21 Covid-19 patients remain hospitalized, three of them in intensive care. Slovenia has not seen more than one new daily case for a week now.

Just one new coronavirus infection reported

Slovenia’s coronavirus case count has increased to 1,468 after one new infection was confirmed on Tuesday out of 981 tests. No new fatalities have been reported, leaving the death toll at 104.

Public administration and court services to resume on 1 June

The government decided to fully restore public administration and court services as of 1 June, a day after the epidemic is formally over. The protective measures in place for more than two months had suspended procedural deadlines and restricted in-person submitting of requests as well as court hearings and personal deliveries of documents.

Source: STA