Check where you can fly from Brnik (Ljubljana airport) in the summer 2024?

18 airlines and 21 destinations in the summer of 2023


Get ready to soar through the skies with our expanded network of connections! Brace yourself for the winter season of 2023 and the summer season of 2024, where passengers can now jet off directly from Ljubljana Airport to an incredible 24 destinations! And that’s not all – with seamless connections via major hubs, the world is your oyster. So, where will your next adventure take you? Get ready to chart your course and embark on an unforgettable journey!

Check where you can fly from Ljubljana in 2024

On Sunday, October 29, 2023 the winter schedule came into effect in air traffic. Until end of March, 2024 it will be possible to travel to 18 destinations with 15 regular airlines from Ljubljana Airport. Compared to the last winter schedule, connections to Luxembourg, Skopje and Priština are added, and for the first time in winter season flights of British Airways to London Heathrow will be available. The frequencies of flights to Istanbul, Dubai, Zurich and Belgrade will be strengthened. In early October the millionth passenger landed at Ljubljana Airport, and until end of the year, we expect to serve more than 1.2 million passengers, over 20 percent more than last year.

Exciting news is on the horizon for the summer season of 2024! Two new additions have been announced. In May, airBaltic will introduce a new connection to Riga, catering to both point-to-point travel and connecting flights to Scandinavia. Additionally, Lufthansa will enhance the Munich connection with additional daily flights, doubling the daily capacity starting from March. These developments promise to significantly boost the connectivity of Ljubljana Airport.

The summer schedule will be in effect until October 28 2024. Connectivity will also be improved with more frequent flights on current connections to important hubs – Frankfurt, Brussels, Zurich, Warsaw and Istanbul.

Where can you fly from Ljubljana Airport (Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport) this summer 2024? Source

Altogether 18 regular connections with 15 airlines will be available in the winter schedule, with the below listed frequencies:

  • Air France eleven times weekly to Paris,
  • Air Montenegro three times weekly to Podgorica,
  • Air Serbia nineteen times weekly to Belgrade and twice weekly to Niš,
  • British Airways four times weekly to London Heathrow,
  • Brussels Airlines four times weekly to Brussels,
  • easyJet five times weekly to London, Gatwick,
  • flydubai daily to Dubai,
  • GP Aviation twice weekly to Priština,
  • LOT Polish Airlines daily to Warsaw,
  • Lufthansa twice daily to Frankfurt and daily to Munich,
  • Luxair twice weekly to Luxembourg,
  • SWISS Airlines twelve times weekly to Zurich,
  • Transavia four times weekly to Amsterdam,
  • Turkish Airlines twice daily to Istanbul,
  • Wizz Air twice weekly to London, Luton and three times weekly to Skopje.

»After an excellent summer season, we are stepping into a richer winter schedule as well. Recently introduced flights to Luxembourg and Skopje will be available, and for the first time in the winter season, British Airways will be operating flights to London Heathrow. Connectivity will be enhanced compared to last year also due to more frequent flights to Istanbul, Dubai, Zurich, and Belgrade. After four years we have again served one million passengers, already in early October, and by the end of the year, the number will climb to more than initially forecasted 1.2 million passengers. The annual passenger growth is expected to exceed 20 percent. Based on initial announcements from airlines, which are already planning their routes for the summer season 2024, we can share two novelties. Lufthansa will be offering double daily flights to Munich from March on, and in May a new route of airBaltic will be introduced to Riga, which is also serving good connecting flights to Scandinavia,« said the Managing Director of Fraport Slovenija, Dr. Babett Stapel, just before the winter schedule becomes valid.

Charter Flights from Ljubljana

The winter season will bring an interesting offer of charter flights. Until end of the year Slovene travel agencies will be taking holidaymakers to Jordan, Morocco, the Azores, Tenerife, Cape Verde islands, Mallorca, Malta, Madeira, Porto, Lisbon, Hurghada and Rovaniemi.