Slovenia’s First Telescope Travels to Chile


Slovenia is a part of the educational project GoChile and in April 2020 the first Slovenian telescope will travel to Chile.

The educational joint project GoChile of the University of Nova Gorica and the Slovenian astronomical journal Spika. The first Slovenian telescope will be placed at the 1560 meters in the Atacama Desert in Chile. It will be placed there in order to avoid the polluted air at home, which would prevent the telescope from seeing deeper in the vast space. Although the telescope will be controlled from Slovenia, it’s being placed in Chile because the desert is the ideal location for astronomical research and photographing space.

The location in Atacama Desert in Chile, where the Slovenian telescope is about to be placed, has perhaps best conditions for astronomical observation in the world, which is why many of the international observatories can be found there, such as Gemini South, CTIO, La Silla, and El Sauce observatory, designed to host small and middle-sized telescopes from all over the world since 2015.

Source: GoChile