Startup Slovenia: Beeping


Thousands of households in Europe are looking for occasional or regular help in house cleaning and household chores

There is no legal, transparent market of home cleaning service providers. One of the solutions is the black market, which is contentious and non-transparent, and the Beeping team detected an incredible business opportunity in this. In less than two years, they succeeded in building a recognizable brand Beeping with minimal investments. Today, more than 16,000 registered users in Slovenia and Croatia are quickly, simply and reliably accessing up to 100 professional cleaners, so-called “beepers”.

Beeping – Start-up of the year 2018 Award Finalist | PODIM 2018

Up to 75% of all reserved cleanings through the Beeping platform are represented by a subscription model. This way, the team is ensuring a sustainable business model, which generates high business growth every month. They also entered into important partnerships with prominent international companies such as Generali Insurance and Henkel Group, and they will soon also announce an important partnership with a big regional bank.

In the future, they are planning on becoming the first smart platform for helping households that’s using artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure better matching between preferences of households or users, and those of cleaners, thus ensuring personalized marketing and an excellent user experience.

Basic infromation:
NEXT d.o.o.
Vojkova cesta 63
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
030 70 70 50
[email protected]

Jan Dobrilovič CEO Linkedin profile

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