Top experiences: Canyoning in Slovenia


Are you looking for an adrenaline rush while staying in Slovenia? Then canyoning in Slovenia is just what you need to experience.

While planning your vacation stay in Slovenia, make sure you add canyoning on your to-do list. Canyoning in Slovenia is without a doubt one of the most interesting and adrenaline-filled experiences you will ever have. That is if you like adventures and are not afraid of trying new things in Slovenia. In this article, we take you, adrenaline junkies, on a wild ride through the top canyoning experiences in Slovenia.

Canyoning in Slovenia is an amusing, energetic, and unique way to discover the artistry of Slovenian nature, which is normally hidden from the casual glance of passers-by. Canyoning in Slovenia through the narrow channels, jumping over small waterfalls, into crystal clear pools, sliding on natural chutes, and challenging more powerful falls with a rope can be fun for the whole family. Canyoning in Slovenia could be seen more as a child’s play then the extreme water sport it is considered to be.  Appealing to those sure of foot, sure of stroke, and those at one with nature, it is an enjoyable adrenaline-boosting adventure experience. Then canyoning in Slovenia is just what you need to experience.

But make sure you watch your step while canyoning in Slovenia, as it can get slippery and we do not want you to get into any accidents. Follow the instructions of your canyoning instructor in Slovenia and everything will be fine.

Canyoning in Slovenia is just one of many active ways of enjoying your vacation time in Slovenia!

Canyoning near Lake Bled

Canyoning in Bled is the perfect family time experience while visiting Slovenia. While canyoning in Slovenia near Lake Bled you will be able to spend some active family time while enjoying the views of unspoiled Slovenian nature.

The impressive canyon is located 15 minutes away from Lake Bled. While canyoning near Bled you will be able to see the gorge with its beautiful scenery and natural charms. In the canyon near Bled, you can also experience jumps into river pools and fun dabbling in river pools. This canyoning experience in Slovenia is suitable for youngsters, children, and anyone with a fear of heights. Canyoning in Slovenia near Lake Bled is a safe activity, as you will be secure and guided by an experienced guide. 

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Night canyoning near Lake Bled

Warm summer nights are perfect for night canyoning adventure near Bled. For a unique experience of canyoning in Slovenia, we recommend the memorable Bled night canyoning. The Bled night canyoning is a magical experience in the Upper Carniola region. Go canyoning in Slovenia and book your night canyoning near Bled, where you will be able to observe the astounding night scenery and magic atmosphere with illuminated green water pools and rocky walls gleaming in the light. The night time canyoning in Slovenia lasts for about 2 or 3 hours and is held at Grmečica canyon.

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Canyoning in Bovec

Canyoning in Bovec at the Soča River Valley is probably the best canyoning location in Slovenia. We can guarantee canyoning in Slovenia at Soča River Valley will be an unforgettable adrenaline experience. While canyoning in Bovec or at the Soča River Valley you will be able to make spectacular and high jumps into the crystal clear Soča river pools. Canyoning in Bovec gives you some very spectacular jumps up to 20 meters and rappels through narrow walls. 

Enjoy the wild and unspoiled nature formations in the Kozjak canyon offer rappels down narrow walls and fun slides on natural water tunnels. Go with a flow in the astonishing scenery created by Soča River, the Emerald Beauty that runs through the canyon. Towards the end of your canyoning experience in Bovec, you will be able to jump from 10 to 13 meters high ledges into stunning Soča river pools. At the end of the tour, you will find the most spectacular jump from a height of 18 meters. You will jump over the famous Kozjak Waterfall, which captivates everyone with its enchanting image. Sounds perfect, right? If it does, then make sure you put canyoning in Slovenia on your to-do list ASAP.

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Canyoning on the Sušec

Next on our canyoning in Slovenia stops is Sušec. Due to its relative proximity and easy access, Sušec is the ideal choice for an introduction to canyoning. The Sušec canyon near Srpenica (between Bovec and Kobarid) offers a relatively gentle but great fun beginner option. This canyoning in Slovenia location allows the first-timer a chance to experience the hidden world of narrow channels, shady rock pools, and waterfalls. It is possible to slide down most of the falls and to experience the elation of falling into an oversize bowl of water.

Watch the video below and book canyoning on the Sušec now. Looks fun, right?

Canyoning at Fratarica

There is fantastic canyoning in the Soča region as we mentioned before, and canyoning in Slovenia on the Soča river is one of the best experiences for those who love being active. This next canyoning in Slovenia is a perfect spot for adrenalin junkies, as the Fratarica in Log Pod Mangrtom. Fratarica canyon is located 10 kilometers from Bovec, where it descends towards the majestic wall at Log pod Mangartom. Canyoning at Fratarica includes a 50 m waterfall to abseil down!

Watch the video of canyoning in Slovenia at the Fratarica Canyon below and see what the fuss is all about!

Beautiful caverns and gorges offer an exciting adventure with abseils, slides on water tunnels, and high jumps into deep water pools. It sounds like must canyoning in Slovenia experience. Halfway through the canyoning in Slovenia at the Fratarica canyon, you will have an opportunity for a spectacular descent across the 48 meters high Parabola Waterfall.

Note: canyoning in Slovenia at the Fratarica requires ropes on the three waterfalls and it is rated intermediate; not technically difficult. For the most part canyoning in Slovenia, makes it possible to jump and slide from waterfall to rock pool.

Canyoning at Predelica

Predelica canyon with emerald green and clear water of the Predelnica alpine torrent is located near Bovec and Predel mountain pass in the Julian Alps. Canyoning in Slovenia at the Predelica offers jumping and swimming in river pools. At the bottom of the ravine, a zip-line descent runs through the magnificent 40-meter high waterfall.

Trekking between towering rocks and rappelling into dark green pools and you will experience five emerald waterfalls, the highest being 15 m. You can choose either the upper or lower section, or both if you are good physical condition. Explore the natural beauties of the upper and lower canyon, a pure paradise for adrenaline seekers.

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Canyoning at Pršjak

Pršjak is located close to Tolmin and here the water level doesn’t change too much. This means this canyoning in Slovenia is perfect during the high season. The waterfalls, among which Veliki Pršjak (27 m) is the most striking one, connect with the green pools of the Pršjak Canyon in the Trebuša Valley while canyoning in Slovenia. As one of the more easily accessible gorges of Trebuša, where the endemic Carniolan primrose (Primula carniolica) grows in the shadowy parts, it is part of the list of natural values of Slovenia. Organized canyoning in Slovenia at Pršnjak takes 2-3 hours.

As you walk through the forest to begin your adventure you will pass a number of waterfalls varying in length from 1m to 27m, all of which you will encounter again on the way down.

Canyoning in Bohinj

Why not go canyoning in Slovenia near lake Bohinj? There are canyons to suit all abilities, most popular of which are the Mostnica, Grmečica, and Jerečica gorges.

Mostnice Gorge is the perfect location for canyoning in Slovenia. With two 3 m high jumps, there is little need for ropes and is therefore recommended for those who have yet to experience canyoning.

Jerečica Gorge is the next location in Bohinj where you can experience canyoning in Slovenia. Recommended to participants with canyoning experience, this gorge has numerous natural toboggans and in parts requires the use of ropes to descend the waterfalls.

Grmeciča Gorge is the last, but not the least location near Bohinj where you can experience canyoning in Slovenia. Grmeciča is considered the most extreme out of the three canyoning locations near Bohinj. Therefore, it is recommended for more experienced and advanced. With a long and short path available, ropes are required to descend the falls. The daring can jump from the 8m high waterfall into the natural pool below.

Canyoning in Savinja Valley

Our next stop is in the Upper Savinja Valley, where you will be able to experience canyoning in Slovenia on three locations: Cuc Waterfall, Rep Waterfall, and at Globošak Gorge.

Canyoning at Cuc Waterfall is located 5 km from Luce near Kamnik. The Cuc waterfall features a 200-meter high gorge.

Canyoning at Rep Waterfall will be a rather short canyoning experience in Slovenia. However, this canyoning location in Slovenia will take you to a beautiful waterfall. The waterfall is located in the Podvolovljek Valley, 6 km from Luce.

Canyoning at Globošak Gorge is the last stop in the Upper Savinja Valley, where you can experience canyoning in Slovenia. Globošak Gorge is located at the entrance of the Logarska Valley, between Golarjeva Pec and Strevceva Pec.