EU: Schengen borders remain open after the Coronavirus outbreak


The European Union rules out Schengen border closures amid the biggest Coronavirus outbreak outside Asia. Borders from Slovenia to its neighbor countries remain open despite the outbreak of Coronavirus.

EU Commission calls for coordination before any border measures for coronavirus.

Any border restriction related to a Coronavirus outbreak in the EU should be based on a thorough risk assessment and scientific advice and it must be a proportional response and above all, one that is coordinated among different member states.

Speaking after a recent Coronavirus outbreak in Italy, EU Health Commissioner Stella Kyriakides and Crisis Management Commissioner Janez Lenarčič added that imposing restrictive border measures in the Schengen area is a member state competence. No member state has currently notified the Commission of the intention to take such action.

The Schengen borders for those traveling from Slovenia to Italy, Austria, and Croatia remain open until further notice. Despite the conformation of Coronavirus outbreak in Italy, Austria, and Croatia. With the number of cases topping 320, Italy is currently facing the worst Coronavirus outbreak outside Asia.  Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza resulted in the decision of health ministers from neighboring countries, including Slovenia’s Aleš Šabeder, to keep the borders open.

In Austria, they have stopped train transport to and from Italy. The lockdown of an Austrian hotel where the coronavirus had broken out has been lifted, the authorities announced just now.

Croatian representatives have announced the second case of infection with Coronavirus in Croatia. Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković says there is no reason for panic as over 70 people get tested for Coronavirus in Croatia after the second confirmed case.

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Asked if the Commission is prepared for an EU-wide suspension of the Schengen area in the event of an escalation of the situation, Lenarčič replied that the executive was not currently working on this, but added that there are several constituency plans and various scenarios.

European Commission guidance states that controls at internal borders should remain an exceptional measure of last resort.

Whereas in a meeting held by the EU Commission in a bid to boost global preparedness, prevention, and containment of the virus, the Commission decided to allocate an amount of €232 million, in this regard.

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