Pohorje Treetop walk – Experience nature from a new perspective


Experience nature from a new perspective – walking on trees

The Pohorje Treetop Walk is the first innovative example of an experiential tourism product in Slovenia combining new experiences, education, environmental awareness and entertainment for all target groups and generations.

The Pohorje Treetop Walk is an outstanding continuation of the development of experiential products and services that have been introduced at Rogla and Terme Zreče in recent years and the result of the partnership between the foreign investor Zážitková Akademie (ZAK), the Municipality of Zreče as the property owner and Unitur, the company that manages the Rogla mountain sports centre.

Treetop Walk on Pohorje

The structure consists of a 522-metre walkway at a height of up to 20 metres and a 37-metre tower with an inner 521 metres long walkway. From the opening day onward, several adrenaline and educational stops will await the visitors along the walk. New contents will be added every year, starting with a nearly 40-metreslide opening next spring. Adrenaline enthusiasts will thus be able to slide from the top of the tower down to the walk. 

The entire walk will be barrier-free and thus also accessible to the elderly, disabled persons and families with baby buggies. Accessibility to all is part of Zážitková Akademie’s philosophy. The company strives to insure sustainable environmental management and create conditions that allow the comprehensive integration of vulnerable target groups.

Treetop Walk Pohorje

Source: Rogla,  Slovenia.info


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Products made with love in Slovenia

Products made with love in Slovenia