Lake Komarnik


Home to 35 species of dragonflies

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Lake Komarnik is one of the five man-made lakes in Pesniška valley, and even though it is of non-natural origins, it looks as if it was completely natural. It was first mentioned in the 16th century when the owners of Hrastovec castle used the lake for fish farming.

The Franckova pot walking path encircles the lake, taking you on a two-and-a-half kilometer journey through blooming fields of chamomile. While strolling, you can stop by information plaques and two vantage points, meant for birdwatching. Lake Komarnik is considered one of the most important nesting grounds of waterfowl in the country, and even some migratory birds find their temporary home here.

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The lake is also home to 35 species of dragonflies, including endangered ones like Lestes Virens, Brachytron pratense, and Epitheca bimaculata – in all of Europe, they are the most numerous on lake Komarnik. In some places of the continent, the dragonflies have practically all but died out.

Let the stories of the past on Agata’s walkway take you back in time, to castle Hrastovec, the Komarnik lake, even to the black cross – the symbol of the unanswered love between the count Friderik Herberstein and the beautiful Agata of the castle Štralek.

While discovering the surrounding nature, treat yourself to a break in the hamlet of Zamarkova, the proud home of the most enormous white willow in the country – at its base, the Senekovičeva willow boasts a trunk diameter of seven meters!

Source: THE Slovenia Lakes

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