Stag Party in Ljubljana


Wear your horns in the Slovene capital 

You’ve asked her to marry you, she said yes. Whether the future reign of diplomacy scares or scares you not,  whether your wedding planning will be a shared procedure or not, one thing is sure:  your last nights of freedom are your own. You are to do with them what you please. Or rather, your invitees will do with you what they please. You owe them and yourself an incredible stag do event, best is to take the whole weekend, because we all know mischief is best made if one has enough time. Going to the neighborhood pub or hosting a quiet wine-evening simply won’t do it. Get them all on a plane to Slovenia, and they’ll remember two things: getting married makes people get crazy ideas, and Slovenia is a country we can now find on the map.

What happens in Ljubljana, stays in Ljubljana. While Stag Party Ljubljana specializes in stag do weekends in the Slovene capital, they do so by collaborating with local accommodation offers, restaurants, tour companies and centers of entertainment all with a common goal – to make sure visitors have an amazing time. Like food on the menu, your days and nights are up to you and your taste. Since Slovenia is known for its gorgeous nature, a range of exciting sport activities, from skiing in winter to wakeboarding in summer, indoor karting, rallies, indoor paintball, sky-diving and even paragliding offer an insight into how your heart might jump up on that altar moments before it happens. And because making fun of yourself and taking humor seriously is in general an important life choice, do make sure you sign up for body zorbing. We also didn’t know what it means, but we are now happy to have made the effort to look it up. Do make sure your fiancee doesn’t see you wearing that on some photo though. Everyone has a limit.

Now for the most important part – a well-planned execution of a night where the aim is to rid your brain-cells of all you have been taught to know – the evening program.  Whether you’re in for a raving night out clubbing, a more sophisticated dinner in the dark or the best of both worlds, a real night marathon is in store for you and your stallions. Start off your stag do with an elegant limousine, have a kinky dinner with a tasty surprise, test your drinking abilities and find the stag alpha in yourself to lead your herd into the abyss of pleasure. And come back in one piece, so you can still show up presentable on your wedding day. 

A stag weekend in Ljubljana is a great idea because while  you’ll be able to drown many a worry with affordable beer while plane tickets and acommodation are not going to financially drown you as some other places would. There’ll still be something left for your honeymoon. You’ll be staying downtown, within walking distance to your dinner and club. You’ll be meeting people from an exciting new place, known to be interesting, smart and welcoming. You’ll be seeing the gem of a European capital flourishing in one of the greenest countries in Europe.  And most importantly, you’re going to make your fiancee jealous she didn’t get there first, which is what marriage is sometimes about.