JEZERSKO: A charming alpine valley


The municipality of Jezersko is a popular tourist destination for Slovenes, but has not yet been discover by masses of foreign visitors. The eye catcher here is the romantic Lake Planšar surrounded by grandiose mountains, as well as the Pod Skuto Glacier, the southeastern most glacier in the Alps.


The valley is a good starting point for hikes and bike rides, but also lends itself perfectly for more easygoing and relaxing holidays. The area used to be part of Carinthia but was ceded to the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in 1919 and since then has a special place in the heart of most Slovenes. For more information contact TIC Jezersko, +386 51 219 282, [email protected],

LAKE PLANŠAR: This small romantic and by coincidence heart-shaped lake may be artificial, but this in no way diminishes its beauty or the aura of tranquility it radiates. The drive leads through some beautiful natural sights. The lake is surrounded blush green mountains and offers a spectacular view of theKamnik-Savinja Alps. There are several hiking paths around the lake and an outstanding restaurant which offers excellent homemade cuisine. The whole place has an air of unpretentiousness and is a great place to spend an afternoon.

ANK’S SPRING: At the spring near the main road you have the unique chance to try mineral water, which has the highest magnesium content in all of Slovenia and is especially recommended to people with cardiovascular diseases. Most visitors seeking the full therapeutic effects of the water choose to bathe in it. For those who would like to taste it, be aware that drinking more than 2dl is not a good idea, as it has a laxative effect.

TRAVERTINE QUARRY: When on your way to Jezersko take some time for a small detour to this former quarry, it’s worthwhile. At the small village of Bajte turns left and cross the bridge, continue along the gravel road. On your right-hand side you will see a quarry, which is not operational anymore but this makes it a perfect playground for amateur geologists and anybody else who likes fossils and stones in all shapes, sizes and colours. There is treasure everywhere. The travertine deposits are up to 20metres thick and fossils can be found with every step.

JENK’S BARRACKS MUSEUM (JENKOVA KASARNA): Originally built in the 15th century as a boarding house for travelling merchants, as Jezersko is located along one of the major routes between the historic regions of Carniola and Carinthia, there is still some debate as to how the large peculiar building got its name. Although it never officially served any military purpose, some say that it simply resembles a military structure, while others proclaim the more romantic notion that Napoleon’s troops stayed here during the time of the Illyrian provinces. Regardless of its history, nowadays the premises house a fine rural ethnographical museum with a diverse collection of items. Perhaps the most interesting are some well-preserved inscriptions left on the walls by travellers several centuries ago – a type of historical graffiti! To get there, take the road north towards the Austrian border, there’s a sign reading ‘Jenkova kasarna’ directing you to take the second right. Tel. +386 (0)4 53 25 411, +386 (0)30 685011,

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