Holidays in Slovenia


Why do we travel? To take a break, to see something else, to challenge ourselves outside our comfort zone. That part is clear. But the ways we choose to travel differ as much as food on the menu of a big restaurant – tastes, fancies and the particularities that make us different to one another are what makes us choose different things for often the same reason. As any visitor will agree, any type of holiday in Slovenia is, to choose an umbrella term for it, simply splendid. What’s not to love? Easygoing people, beautiful nature, rich history and culture, delicious wine and food. Although a small country with distances between cities and even neighbouring countries coverable within a few hours, the amount of different travel experiences one can have in the country east side of the Alps is quite vast. 

Since Slovenia has one foot in central Europe and the other in the Balkans, taking Slovenia Holidays already means visiting an integral part of the Balkan Peninsula. With a starting point in Ljubljana, Venice or Zagreb, Balkan holidays include attractions and cities scattered across countries of Ex-Yugoslavia. You get to experience Slovenia within the context of this unique part of the world, where history and culture was and is closely intertwined. For travel and tourism always has to take into regard the cultural environment of the destination visited, and it is what makes the whole experience much deeper, memorable and existing.

Maybe you’re into cities, you like the buzz of the people, coffees bars and window shopping, you want to get a taste of nightlife, a view of city lights from a rooftop and feel the pulse of its many busy residents. In that case, being stationed in Ljubljana and taking a 2 or 5 -night  Foodie City Break may be just what you’re looking for. It takes you to Ljubljana’s most popular tourist attractions such as the Ljubljana Castle and Ljubljana Old Town, shows you Ljubljana at Night, teaches you some tips and tricks of Slovene Cuisine and combines all the best of Slovenia through a Wine Tasting event. For those that believe a holiday should revolve mainly around food and wine, a Food and Wine Holiday seems the right choice that wouldn’t disappoint and is not confined to only the slovene capital.

To return to our City Break, does it mean a break spent in the city, out of it or a combination of the two? In any case, there is no hassle getting out of the Ljubljana urban area, especially if you want to do some hiking or bike riding. In that case the Ljubljana Active Holidays could be what you’re looking for. And because Ljubljana is just one place to be active in, there’s a variety of other amazing destinations to do it too, like Krajnska gora and Lake Bled. If you feel comfortable on two-wheels, Slovenia is one of those destinations where taking a Road Cycling Holiday could basically let you see a great chunk of the country without ever stepping into a car or bus. For an upgrade in adventure and adrenaline, an eMTB Slovenia Holiday or a Bikepacking Holiday would be more up your stream. 

Hiking and biking not action enough for you? Maybe a 7-day hike in the Slovenian Alps would do it for you, or a hike through Soča’s beautiful river valleys. If choosing to travel in the winter months, join the locals on the various ski-slopes with tailor-made Winter and Ski Holidays. If travelling with your darling and kids, different types of Family Holidays will make sure the whole family is entertained and the particular worries of family travel are a thing of the past. 

Is your campervan your luxury or are you thinking castles, bubble champagne and bear watching? With tailor-made Luxury Holidays you’ll sleep in the best places, eat the best things and travel like modern-day royalty. In any case and in whichever type of Slovenia Holidays you choose from, whether it be self-guided, privately guided or travelling with a small group, the organisation, guides and offers is sure to make your travel comfortable and memorable, making you wish you simply had more time, to stay and see some more.