TOP 7 Autumn delights


TOP 7 Autumn delights

We know autumn is the season most known for carving pumpkins, harvest time and colorful leaves. But we believe that autumn is more than just those three things, as it always brings a beautiful basket of seasonal treasures that people look forward to every year. We have prepared a list of TOP 7 autumn food delights and what we recommend you do with them.

1. Pears

Autumn is a peak season for the sweet-tasting pears. They go beautifully together with both sweet and savory dishes. Try slicing and roasting them together with a nice joint of pork as a substitute for the traditional apple sauce. Finely chopped fresh pears go great together with your morning bowl of porridge, add some raisins, peanut butter or maple syrup and grated nutmeg. If you have more of a sweet tooth we suggest you bake a nice pear pie for your family or friends. We would love a slice of that pie any day!


2. Chestnuts

We look forward to autumn simply to get a handful of roasted chestnuts during a nice stroll through town in the late afternoon. The mild flavor of chestnuts makes them versatile for both sweet and savory dishes and the texture resembles that of a potato. Picking up chestnuts from the nearby forest can be a fun autumn activity for the whole family. You can roast, steam or cook them right after as they are very easy to prepare. They can be a great addition to baked goods and dishes from stuffing to even pasta. Mix it up a bit and try making a soup out of them.


3. Turnip

Tender and young turnips tend to taste sweet. Turnips are a great ingredient as they can be used and prepared in many different ways. You can bake, boil, steam or even mash them. Chefs sometimes use turnips as a potato, but you cal also stir-fry them or steam them with some butter, salt or lemon juice for extra flavor. Turnip can also be a great substitute if you do not have/like cabbage in your kitchen, as you can eat them raw in a new kind of coleslaw. 


4. Mushrooms

Autumn is the perfect season for mushrooms. Have you ever picked wild mushrooms in the forest? We certainly have. After that, you can make a delicious meal using the freshly picked mushrooms, which give a nice earthy flavor. Pan-fry in garlic and butter and serve in a simple omelet, or add a dash of cream and pile onto buttered toast or make a nice mushroom soup, which will warm you up during the colder autumn evenings.


5. Grapes

Harvest time is over! This means the winemakers have begun making delicious wines. Visit one of the Top 3 Slovenian Wine regions and taste what the best Slovenian winemakers have produced during this year’s harvest or during the previous years. Since the celebrations and holidays are around the corner you can visit some of the wine cellars that offer and sell sparkling wines. Make arrangements for a wine tasting and decide on which of the Top 13 recommended sparkling wines will you be serving at this year’s parties and celebrations. You can pour yourself and your loved ones a good glass of wine or even use it for cooking a stunning dinner.


TOP 3 Slovenian Wine regions

6. Cabbage

Freshly picked leafy cabbage is packed with healthy nutrients. Cabbage is a versatile ingredient that you simply must-have in your kitchen during this autumn season. Cabbage is delicious shredded and added to a warming soup with ham, white beans, tomatoes, and a little grated parmesan. You can also prepare a great salad with seasonal ingredients and don’t forget to make a nice dressing for it. We suggest using some spices, olive oil, and lemon juice. The classic cabbage salad goes great together with almost any dish you will be preparing. 


7. Pumpkins

You can do so much more out of pumpkins than just carve them for Halloween. Have you ever made a lovely bowl of pumpkin soup? Cube and roast the flavorsome orange pumpkin flesh and blend it into a smooth texture. Serve the pumpkin soup with cream, parmesan cheese, and toasted bread cubes. Pumpkins can be also made into a sweet purée with a little cream or it can be used as a pasta sauce. Have you ever made a pumpkin pie perhaps? If not, then make sure you try to make one.


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