THE Slovenia Top 10 Souvenirs from Slovenia


When we travel, we usually want to get some little keepsakes that would remind us of the memories associated with the visited places once we are back home. We all want to be original and get something really special and unique, but in most cases, we end up buying the most typical and kitsch items in the tackiest souvenir shops. Lucky for you, there are many great souvenirs to take home from Slovenia!

Above you can see the Top 10 Souvenirs page from the latest edition of the best-selling The Slovenia Book, while below we’ve included more info about some of our favourites – many of which you can conveniently purchase at our online shop!

Who doesn’t love chocolate? We certainly do, and there are many excellent producers of the sweet stuff throughout the country. Slovenia has a proud history of making chocolate, dating all the way back to 1896 in the Trappist monastery in Brestanica.

An oft-mentioned item among Slovenia’s top souvenirs, salt might raise an eyebrow or two. The saltpans at Sečovlje just south of Portorož have been churning it out for centuries, however, and it is well known among gourmands worldwide.

Some 50km west of Ljubljana is the town of Idrija, famous for mercury and lace. Not just any lace, however, but some of the highest quality lace produced on the planet. A large variety of lace goods can be found, the perfect souvenir for back home.

Whether drank as a digestif, a cure all for most common ailments or a pick-me-up on those cold, dark winter mornings, Slovenians swear by schnapps and so do we. Borovnica (blueberry), medica (honey).

With forests covering nearly 2/3 of its territory, it’s no surprise that wood is a key element in many of Slovenia’s traditional crafts products, and in recent years it’s become increasing prevalent in modern design as well, such as eyewear from Wood Stock or any number of items from Trgovina Ika.

As time passes on and Slovenia’s Yugoslav history slips further into the background, the craze known as Yugostalgia has become one of the biggest tourist souvenir purchases in the country. Old coins, banknotes, stamps, mugs, medals and more can be found here.

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Texts by Yuri Barron, Will Dunn, John Bills, James Cosier, Edited by Jana Studen