Restavracija Strelec

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Perched high up in the archer’s tower of the grand Ljubljana castle, Restavracija Strelec overlooks the city from a spectacular position. Strelec has both an inside and outside seating area, with the outside showcasing a magnificent view of the sprawling Ljubljana for its lucky diners. The inside of the restaurant has a modern flare, with walls that are half exposed, showing the old stone, and half covered with ancient and medieval-style drawings.

A combination of the Roman Emona, Medieval and modern in terms of both cuisine and ambiance, the menu was created with the help of the brilliant ethnology professor Dr Janez Bogataj and Mrs. Jožica Drobnič. Historically reminiscent dishes of gourmet modernity are crafted with ingredients from Ljubljana’s famed market by the star of the show: Igor Jagodic. Recognised as one of the top three chefs in Slovenia, he previously worked at the renowned Vila Bled, and now takes care of the sublime offerings at Strelec. Jagodic has received numerous awards for his dedication and love for his craft. He, and the rest of the team at Restavracija Strelec, constantly strive for perfection and their passion is to create high quality cuisine, where only the best is good enough.

Restavracija Strelec fits in perfectly with the Ljubljana castle’s overall theme; showcasing the past in the present for visitors to appreciate and remember. With the Ljubljana castle’s numerous events (films under the stars, library under the treetops and numerous concerts, to name a few) as well as the many exhibitions held throughout the year, a night out at the castle complete with a meal at Restavracija Strelec makes for an excellent experience.


Grajska planota 1, 1000 Ljubljana

+386 31 687 648, [email protected],, restavracija.htm

Chef: Igor Jagodic, Sommelier: Marko Šavs

Cuisine: international, modern

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