Chef: Derviš Domzet

Indulge in a culinary indulgence with grilled specialties as you would at grill restaurants in Argentina. Indigenous meat is freshly sourced and prepared on a real Argentinean grill, in which the embers of tropical timber trees Algarrobo, quebracho Blanco and beech. Top chefs prepare traditional Argentinian recipes for you on typical grills, especially from Argentina, in which gives the food a very unique, unique taste. The habitat of Argentine cattle is the pompous, endless prairies full of fertile cereal fields and lush green meadows where cattle and horses herds graze freely. They are cared for by ravens, legendary wild riders who are known as the best experts in breeding cattle.


Šmartinska cesta 152 Ljubljana

+386 1 523 36 30


3 / 5

1.5 / 5

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