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Triglav Cushion – a handmade cushion representing Slovenia’s highest peak



Triglav Cushion – a handmade cushion created by local artisans, inspired by the beauties of Slovenia

The Triglav Cushion is a completely unique and handcrafted decorative cushion that represents our highest peak, Triglav. It is made from high-quality polyester felt and filled with 100% natural filling – spelt husks, which have a massaging effect and create a soothing sensation. The added lavender aroma provides extra relaxation.

The Triglav Cushion is available in two sizes, offering flexibility according to your needs:

Small Triglav Cushion: Size 41 x 23 cm

Large Triglav Cushion: Size 60 x 36 cm

Tri Gore

Tri Gore is a brand co-created by two young designers. Their passion for nature and seeking inspiration on the sunny side of the Alps guides them in their creations. By combining their professional design knowledge with their love for nature and desire for new adventures, they produce functional products that are essential for mountain adventures while bringing the timeless beauty of the Alps into your living room.


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Small Cushion: 41 x 23 cm, Large Cushion: 60 x 36 cm

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