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Tea for Men in a Can


Make your boyfriends, fathers, sons, in short, your dear men happy…

A great mix in a gift box that doubles as a storage box.
Net 100g


A tea specially adapted to the male population of users of an exquisite blend of Ayurvedic tea. Rooibos, which has an antioxidant effect on the entire drink, gives the mixture its special feature. Men’s tea is especially distinguished by the herb Enryngo: Eryngo is a plant that is used mainly in SE Asia as a food supplement. It is also known for its beneficial effects, as it is said to help with secretion infections and prostate problems. Ginger has a high number of antioxidants, which is said to have many medicinal effects; works against weakness or it prevents it, eases digestion and has an antiseptic effect.
Lemongrass is enriched with vitamins A and C, folic acid, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, phosphorus, calcium and manganese. Lemon grass will fill your body with energy, provide a measure of refreshment and work against everyday fatigue.
Cardamom is a plant native to South India and Sri Lanka. It is said to have many beneficial effects, such as alleviating spasms, promoting drainage, purifying and stimulating digestion.
Cloves, also known as cloves, are a good antioxidant and a great source of minerals; cloves are supposed to act antibacterially, temporarily alleviate toothache and alleviate inflammation of the respiratory tract.
Ginseng root helps in increasing resistance, concentration, reduces stress, and is said to strengthen the body’s resistance, especially after recovery.
St. John’s wort is said to relieve headaches and help with depression, but do not use it in combination with other antidepressants or blood thinners.

pieces of apples
bean shell
lemon grass
St. John’s wort
black pepper
ginseng root
lemon peel

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