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Aunt Pehta’s Herbal Tea


A rich mixture of medicinal herbs, which have traditionally been part of folk medicine, is gathered in one tea. It could also be called the tea of our grandmothers.

100g pack


Tea is suitable for general use, as the effects of the individual ingredients harmonize with the pleasant taste and impact on our general well-being.

It consists of:

Cranberry is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fiber. It is also known as a good antioxidant;

Fennel is a strong antioxidant, contains 2x more vitamin C than oranges, contains iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium and calcium;

Licorice adds a sweet taste to tea

Anise has a beneficial effect on the body, some research has shown that it helps against indigestion and flatulence;

According to some scientific research, bean skins and blueberry leaves are said to help lower blood sugar;

Rosehip is an excellent choice of herb for increasing resistance, it contains a large amount of vitamin C;

Peppermint calms and has a beneficial effect on the body and mind;

St. John’s wort, help with mental exhaustion and depression – definitely be careful not to take antidepressant pills in combination with it;

Yarrow is an herb that belongs to the oldest plants, studies have shown that it is an excellent fighter against migraines, diuretic, menstrual pain…;

Nettle is suitable for everyone as it purifies the body and strengthens it. A folk saying says that there is no mineral that our body needs that does not contain nettles;

Chamomile has a beneficial anti-inflammatory effect on the body;

Elderberries add a stronger aroma to the tea

Wild thyme and thyme have an antibacterial and anti-fungal effect, facilitating expectoration

Horsetail is enriched with silicon, potassium, calcium and other useful for our organism

Dandelion contains vitamins A, B, C, a lot of potassium, and many other minerals

Calendula cleanses the body and has a healing effect on the liver

Rosemary will provide the energy strength of the tea mixture

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