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Kranjska Gora resort left without EU funding for major project, 24.3.2023

The ski operator of one of the main ski resorts in the country, Kranjska Gora, has been left without EU funding for a new gondola lift because it failed to obtain a construction permit on time. The Ministry of Economy, Tourism and Sport was thus forced to pull out of the deal, the newspaper Delo reports online.

Golob says European and Slovenian banking system stable, 24.3.2023

The European banking system is resilient to the disruptions that have taken place in the US and Switzerland, Prime Minister Robert Golob summed up the view of EU leaders, who met in Brussels on Friday. The Slovenian banking system is resilient as well, having high liquidity and capital adequacy, he added.

Slovenia to strengthen business and tourism promotional activities in the United States, 24.3.2023

With 332 million, the United States of America presents an important market with many opportunities for the Slovenian economy and tourism. It can take several years for companies to successfully penetrate the US market, and Slovenia as a country can open doors through increased promotion.

Ex-Yugoslav ethnic communities protest TV Slovenija’s programme cuts, 24.3.2023

Representatives of ethnic communities in Slovenia that hail from former Yugoslav countries have spoken out against the public broadcaster’s decision to terminate cooperation with freelance journalists in its TV show dedicated to these communities. Such cuts are unacceptable as they result in reduced diversity, they warned.

Rapid Covid tests to be made recyclable with Slovenian know-how, 24.3.2023

The Maribor Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the UKC Maribor hospital have presented a project that will allow for recycling of rapid antigen tests. The single-use Covid-19 tests are currently treated as hazardous waste and incinerated, wasting EUR 15,000 per million tests in plastic and gold.

Pirc Musar says in New York Slovenia should share its know-how on water, 24.3.2023

President Nataša Pirc Musar said on the sidelines of the UN Water Conference in New York that Slovenia must cooperate with the international community when it comes to water issues. “We can sell our know-how to many,” she told Slovenian reporters in the US on Thursday.

Russian ambassador summoned as indictment against spies final, 23.3.2023

The indictment against two alleged Russian spies who were apprehended in Slovenia last year is final and the pair have been remanded in custody, Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon has said, adding that the Foreign Ministry has summoned Russian ambassador on that basis.

Slovenia open Euro 2024 qualifiers with a win, 23.3.2023

Slovenia defeated Kazakhstan 2:1 in Astana on Thursday to successfully open their Euro 2024 qualifying campaign after turning around a 0:1 deficit after half time. They are next facing San Marino at home on Sunday.

Hub for advanced digital technologies set up at Slovenian pavilion in Dubai, 23.3.2023

A regional hub for advanced digital technologies to showcase and position Slovenian companies in the Middle East and North Africa region and in Asian markets has been established at the Slovenian pavilion at Dubai Expo City, the site of the 2020 World Expo.

Doctors’ trade union Fides to resume strike on 2 April, 22.3.2023

Fides, the trade union of doctors and dentists, announced on Wednesday that industrial action, averted after two deals reached with the government last October and in January, would proceed on 2 April, because the government has postponed the agreed formation of a separate pay tier for the healthcare system by 1 April.

Average pay slightly down in January, 22.3.2023

The average gross pay in Slovenia in January stood at EUR 2,144.72, down 0.7% in nominal and 0.9% in real terms in monthly comparison, while the average take-home pay amounted to EUR 1,399.03, a 1.4% drop in nominal, and a 1.6% drop in real terms, data from the Statistics office shows.

Reformers Dalmatin and Bohorič honoured with plaques in Germany, 17.3.2023

Two memorial plaques were unveiled in Wittenberg, Germany, on Friday honouring two Slovenian greats from the Reformation period who provided a basis for the Slovenian written language. Jurij Dalmatin translated the entire Bible and Adam Bohorič wrote the first Slovenian grammar book. Both were published in 1584 in Wittenberg.

New gallery dedicated to up-and-coming artists opening in Maribor, 17.3.2023

A new gallery of contemporary art is opening in Maribor on Friday to put younger generations of artists on centre stage. Slovenian artist Iva Ferlinc will be the first to exhibit at the new venue, called Tkalka.

NBI investigating illegal tobacco plant, 17.3.2023

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is leading pre-trial proceedings against several individuals who ran a clandestine tobacco plant in Slovenia as part of an international criminal ring. The ring is suspected of making EUR 730,000 illicitly, the General Police Administration said on Thursday.

Lanišek second in Lillehammer, 16.3.2023

Slovenia’s Anže Lanišek placed second in Thursday’s Ski Jumping World Cup event in Lillehammer for his 13th podium this season. Pole Dawid Kubacki won the event and Austrian Daniel Tschofenig placed third.

Migration and W Balkans tops agenda as Italian FM Tajani visits Slovenia, 16.3.2023

Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani is expected in Ljubljana on Friday in what will be the first visit to Slovenia by a minister from the cabinet of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. In addition to bilateral relations, the focus of the talks will be on migration and the Western Balkans, the Foreign Ministry said.

Exhibition marks 40 years of first IVF pregnancy in Slovenia, 15.3.2023

An exhibition marking the 40th anniversary of the first successful in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) in Slovenia opened at the entrance hall at UKC Ljubljana on Wednesday. It was noted on the occasion that Slovenia is among the global leaders in this field.

The government is working to improve air connectivity to ten different destinations, 10.3.2023

A call for applications to support airlines flying to Slovenia in line with a law envisaging a total of EUR 16.8 million in state aid over the span of three years is expected to be published this month. The priority list includes ten destinations: Vienna, Brussels, Copenhagen, Athens, Madrid, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Prague, Berlin and Skopje.

UKC Ljubljana neurosurgery head resigns over personal fee, 10.3.2023

Neurosurgeon Marko Bošnjak has resigned as head of neurology at the UKC Ljubljana hospital following a report he had charged a personal fee of EUR 6,000 to the family of a patient from abroad that he operated on at UKC Ljubljana in mid-January.

Krško company suspected of defrauding customers of EUR 370,000, 10.3.2023

Police are investigating suspected fraud committed by Secom, a Krško-based company supplying and installing windows and doors, as they received around 120 reports from allegedly defrauded clients with the suspected total damage caused by the company reaching EUR 370,000.

Civil servants urged against using TikTok app, 9.3.2023

The Government Information Security Office has issued a recommendation, advising all civil servants not to use the social networking platform TikTok on work phones over cybersecurity concerns.

LeK D.D. is planning to invest 400 million euros in Lendava, 9.3.2023

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed for an investment in a high-tech centre for the production of biosimilars.

A Slovenian identity card has been awarded a prestigious international award, 8.3.2023

This year’s High Security Printing EMEA™ Conference is taking place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, from 7 to 9 March 2023 and its award for the best ID card of the year was claimed by the Slovenian biometric identity card.

Pogačar claims yellow jersey halfway through Paris-Nice, 8.3.2023

Cyclist Tadej Pogačar (Team Emirates) won stage 4 of the Paris-Nice race on Wednesday, climbing to the top of the overall ranking of the eight-stage race after starting the day off in the 10th place.

Many events to celebrate Renaissance man Ivan Tavčar, 7.3.2023

Slovenia is holding a number of events in 2023 to honour Ivan Tavčar (1851-1923), a Slovenian writer, lawyer and politician. The events will aim to shed light on his legacy and the many fields that captured his interest.

The Slovenian men’s ski jumping team won the world championships title in Planica, 4.3.2023

The Slovenian ski jumping team, consisting of Lovro Kos, Žiga Jelar, Timi Zajc, and Anže Lanišek, won the world champions title at the Nordic World Ski Championships in Planica on Saturday. This is the third medal for Slovenia at the competition, after the mixed team won bronze last weekend and Zajc won gold at the men’s individual event yesterday.

Top 3 European destinations in 2023: Maribor, 3.3.2023

Europe’s Best Culinary Destination 2023 award went to Maribor, 3rd in the competition.

Talum shutting down primary aluminium production, 3.3.2023

Having produced primary aluminium for almost 60 years, Talum will shut down the remaining aluminium electrolytic furnaces in April. The Kidričevo-based company has been switching to aluminium processing and other more lucrative activities in recent years.

Jobless total approaches record low in February, 3.3.2023

After two months of growth, the number of people in Slovenia registered as unemployed dropped in February by 3.6% compared to the month before to 53,404, which is 17.6% fewer year-on-year and close to the absolute low of 52,043, the Employment Service reported on Friday.

Actor Zupančič is the new Woman of the Year, 3.3.2023

Slovenian Woman of the Year was announced by the weekly magazine Jana on Friday. Readers of Jana chose one of Slovenia’s most important theatre and film actresses from a shortlist of eleven.

Timi Zajc is a ski jumper who is world champion, 3.3.2023

Timi Zajc won the Men’s Individual Event on the Large Hill at the Nordic World Ski Championships in Planica, Slovenia. This gives him 287.5 points, which makes him the World Champion. This is the second medal for Slovenia at the competition after the Mixed Team including him won Bronze at the Weekend.

Upper chamber vetoes reintroduction of compulsory receipt acceptance, 3.3.2023

The National Council voted 20 to 8 against reintroducing a rule under which retail businesses are required to give out receipts for goods or services provided and customers are required to accept them.

Former President Pahor received an award from a minority group, 2.3.2023

Borut Pahor was given the Kugy Award by the Community of Carinthian Slovenians (SKS) this year. The award is given to people who have done a lot to make the Slovenian minority in Austria happy and peaceful.

President Pirc Musar has apologised to several media outlets for making mistakes. He said he is sorry for any inconvenience caused, and he will do better in the future, 2.3.2023

President Musar has apologised to several media outlets for accusing them of mounting paid media attacks on those who think differently after she announced her bid to run for president. She has also revoked the statement, which she made in an interview with the Siol news website in July.

University of Nova Gorica spearheads major machine learning project, 24.2.2023

The University of Nova Gorica has won EU funds for a five-year machine learning project called SMASH, as part of which 50 post-doctoral researchers will get fellowships to develop cutting-edge machine learning applications for science and humanities.

Karmina Šilec’s new opera to premiere in US, 22.2.2023

An opera by Slovenian composer Karmina Šilec inspired by sworn virgins from the Balkans will premiere in the US this week. BABA: The Life and Death of Stana will be performed at Z Space in San Francisco from Thursday to Sunday by Kitka, a women’s vocal ensemble from California which draws on traditional folk vocal techniques.

Creditworthiness to be depegged from minimum wage, 23.2.2023

The government has adopted a bill to reduce the impact of the annual increase in the minimum wage on households’ creditworthiness after the latest increase rendered much of the population ineligible for a mortgage.

Covid-19 advisory group disbanded, 23.2.2023

The Covid-19 advisory group, which operated as part of the National Institute of Public Health’s (NIJZ), has been disbanded, since the disease is manageable with existing systems, the group’s former head Mario Fafangel announced on Friday.

Slovenia’s Laibach first foreign band to play in Kyiv since invasion, 22.2.2023

After the Russian invasion, Slovenian avant-garde music group Laibach will become the first foreign band to play in Kyiv after holding a concert in North Korea in 2015. The concert will take place on 31 March in the Bel Etage Music Hall and be entitled Eurovision.

Slovenian minority’s culture celebrated in Ljubljana, 22.2.2023

Carinthian Culture Days kick off in Ljubljana on Wednesday, celebrating the arts, culture, and heritage of the Slovenian minority in Austria. Different venues in the capital will host the events until 18 April.

The biggest sports event in the history of Slovenia, 21.2.2023

Planica 2023 is the biggest sports event in the history of the Republic of Slovenia, with the 43rd FIS Nordic World Ski Championship starting today. Upper Sava Valley is already packed with competitors from all over the world.

First Slovenian congress on electroporation kicks off, 17.02.2023

The first Slovenian congress on electroporation is being held in Bled on Friday and Saturday, bringing the latest research and guidelines in electroporation, where Slovenia is among the leading countries in research and applications. An important achievement is electrochemotherapy, an approach that treats cancer locally.

Cross-border project to unite Slovenia and Italy through cycling, 16.2.2023

A cycling path will be built between the Staro Selo village near Kobarid in the north-west and the Robič border crossing with Italy as part of a project that will also improve cycling infrastructure in Italy. The European Fund for Regional Development will contribute EUR 3.5 million to the EUR 4.4 million project.

Slovenian students take part in world’s largest online quiz, 16.2.2023

More than 20,000 Slovenian primary school students, aged 8 to 15, from almost 200 schools took part in an online quiz today about safe internet use. A total of 15,225 participants answered all the questions and set a new Guinness world record, the organisers of the feat, A1 Slovenija and the Varni Internet institute, announced on Thursday.

Pagan spirit returns to the country for carnival season, 16.2.2023

Following a two-year Covid-prompted break, carnival festivities are back in full swing chasing away winter across Slovenia to culminate with picturesque processions of a variety of traditional carnival figures on Sunday, including in Ptuj and Cerknica, the country’s best known carnival sites, before Pust is buried on Shrove Tuesday.

First Slovenian book on famous ocean liner Rex launched, 16.2.2023

A book on the Italian ocean liner SS Rex, which used to be the pride of Italian maritime transport and as such of the Fascist regime, was presented in the Piran Maritime Museum on Wednesday. This is the first book in the Slovenian language about the ship sunk in 1944 off the coast of Koper by the Royal Air Force.

Pahor’s Quatrelle fetches EUR 60,000 at charity auction, 16.2.2023

Slovenia’s former President Borut Pahor has auctioned off his 1991 Renault 4 for EUR 60,000. He will donate the proceeds to help support children battling with cancer.

Alpe-Adria tourism fair presenting Slovenia’s greenness, 16.2.2023

The international Alpe-Adria tourism fair got under way in Ljubljana on Wednesday, with Economy, Tourism and Sport Minister Matjaž Han noting its role as one of the most important tourism-related events in Slovenia. He said the event complied with the new tourism strategy in the direction of greenness and lower carbon footprint.

Upper chamber withdraws bills creating provinces, 15.2.2023

The National Council has withdrawn three legislative proposals that would create a legal basis to establish provinces in Slovenia because they were not expected to pass in the lower chamber.

Izola Marina expanding to claim leading spot in Slovenian Istria, 15.2.2023

A new pier has been recently built at the Izola marina in what is an addition that increased the number of berths to nearly 800 and made the marina in the seaside resort Izola the largest marina in Slovenian Istria.

Slovenia’s economy expanded by 5.4% in 2022, 14.2.2023

The gynaecology department of the UKC Ljubljana medical centre opened a new colposcopy centre on Tuesday. The first of its kind in Slovenia, the centre will bring together experts from different fields to provide comprehensive medical care for precancerous and cancerous lesions on the cervix.

Slovenia’s economy expanded by 5.4% last year, however by the last quarter of the year GDP growth slowed down to an annual rate of 0.2%, fresh data released by the Statistics Office shows.

Slovenian fund and Serbian group to build wind farm in Serbia, 3.2.2023

Alfi Green Energy Fund, which is part of the Alfi funds system, and Serbia’s MK Group have signed a loan agreement with a bank consortium to build a large-scale wind farm in Serbia. MK Group has said that the total value of the 105 MW project is EUR 155 million.

SD urges govt to make kindergarten free of charge for families, 3.2.2023

Four companies from the state-owned power group Holding Slovenske Elektrarne (HSE) have sent aid to Ukraine in the form of electrotechnical equipment for household and companies after calls by Prime Minister Robert Golob and Infrastructure Minister Bojan Kumer, HSE said.

Registered unemployment down over 18% y/y in January, 3.2.2023

The number of people registered as unemployed reached 55,386 in January, up by 4.1% over December and down by 18.4% over January 2022, the Employment Service said on Friday. Some 4,680 people registered with the service in January as their fixed-term contracts ran out at the end of the year.

HSE group sends electrotechnical equipment to Ukraine, 3.2.2023

The deputy group of the coalition Social Democrats (SD) proposes the government to establish a system of free of charge pre-school care and to move kindergarten financing from the local to the national level. They recommend a temporary mechanism to block kindergarten price increases in the meantime.

Slovenian researchers help prove benefits of DNA-adapted health treatments, 3.2.2023

A number of Slovenian doctors and researchers took part in a breakthrough international study showing that the use of medicines tailored to patients’ pharmacogenetic data lowers adverse drug effects by 30%. This is the first study to prove the benefits of prescribing medicines based on patient’s genetic markers.

Kurentovanje festival back in full force, 3.2.2023

After two years of coronavirus restrictions, the Kurentovanje festival in Ptuj, the biggest Shrovetide event in Slovenia, is coming back in full force. Starting on 11 February, the festival will culminate in an international parade on Shrove Sunday, which is expected to draw large crowds once again.

Novartis notes record investments in Slovenia, 2.2.2023

Swiss pharma giant Novartis invested a record EUR 346 million in Slovenia in 2022. The company started the construction of a new aseptic production plant in Ljubljana and will establish a biotech centre in Mengeš. Novartis employed around 5800 people in Slovenia at the end of the year, 7% up from 2021.

Another Slovenian-founded church in US being sold, 2.2.2023

The Diocese of Allentown in the US state of Pennsylvania has decided to sell the Slovenian-founded St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in the nearby city of Bethlehem. The nearly 110-year-old church was closed in 2008, but it reopened for special occasions in 2011 after the parishioners took matters into their own hands.

Revoz expects production in 2023 to be on par with last year, 2.2.2023

The Renault-owned assembly plant Revoz expects production in 2023 to be comparable to that in 2022. The Novo Mesto-based plant reduced production and personnel in March of 2022 because of irregular supply of car parts and the general crisis related to the post-Covid transformation of the automotive industry.

Thousands gather in Ljubljana city centre to demand decent pensions, 1.2.2023

Thousands of protesters gathered in Republic Square in the centre of Ljubljana on Wednesday to demand decent pensions, which they see as their right, as part of a rally organised by The Voice of Pensioners, a civil society group initiated by Pavel Rupar, a former MP for the Democrats (SDS). Several senior SDS members attended.

Posočje aiming to become first ecoregion in Slovenia, 1.2.2023

A meeting of stakeholders in organic farming from the upper Posočje region in the west of Slovenia focused on Tuesday on plans to declare the first ecoregion in Slovenia. Conditions for organic farming in the region are good, many are already practising environment-friendly agriculture and more are bound to follow in the face of this initiative.

Winter arrives at ski slopes just in time for school holidays, 27.1.2023

After a very bleak start to the winter, when virtually all ski resorts in Slovenia struggled due to the lack of snow, the next two weeks of school holidays are promising to bring the feel of winter wonderland at last.

Postojna Cave launches project to protect baby dragons, 27.1.2023

Last year’s olm offspring at the Postojna Cave inspired a new project to raise funds for the protection of the cave species and its natural habitat, and to conduct further research into what is considered part of Slovenia’s living heritage.

Dončić makes All-Star starter roster, 27.1.2023

Slovenian NBA star Luka Dončić has made the starter roster for the All-Star game for the second time. This will also be his fourth appearance at the All-Star tournament in his five seasons at the NBA.

Nataša Robežnik appointed acting head of new museum, 26.1.2023

Culture Minister Asta Vrečko has appointed Nataša Robežnik acting director of a new museum that is the product of the merger of two contemporary-era museums. Robežnik, an art historian, will serve as acting head until a full-term director is appointed but no more than a year, the ministry said on Thursday.

Balkan Warrior trial ends with prison terms already served, 26.1.2023

The high-profile trial in the Balkan Warrior drug trafficking case has ended as the Ljubljana District Court sentenced almost a dozen defendants to prison sentences that they have already served in prison or detention, public broadcaster TV Slovenija reported on Thursday. Chief defendant Dragan Tošić spent six years and one month in prison.

Govt caps district heating gas prices for protected users, 26.1.2023

The government has set the maximum allowed retail price for natural gas for district heating systems used by protected institutions such as social care institutions, kindergartens, primary schools and community health centres. The measure will be effective as of 1 January this year.

Ivo Boscarol honoured for lifetime achievement, 25.1.2023

Ivo Boscarol, an Ajdovščina-based entrepreneur who sold his successful ultra-light aircraft maker last year, won the lifetime achievement award as the Manager Association handed out its annual awards in Ljubljana on Wednesday.

Ilka Šthec second in Cortina d’Ampezzo downhill, 20.1.2023

Skier Ilka Štuhec won second place in the downhill race in Cortina d’Ampezzo on Friday. Skiing on an injured ankle, she was only 0.13 seconds slower than the winner, Sofia Goggia of Italy. German Kira Weidle was third, lagging behind Goggia by 0.36 seconds.

Wine and cuisine in Slovenia’s focus at International Green Week, 20.1.2023

Slovenia is advocating for clear origin labelling of honey at the International Green Week, one of the world’s largest fairs, which started in Berlin on Friday. Slovenia is presenting itself as a green and environmentally-friendly country with a rich wine culture and cuisine.

Stakeholders regret merger of two contemporary era museums, 20.1.2023

As the government merged the Museum of Slovenian Independence with the National Museum of Contemporary History to create a new public institution, the heads of both museums and of a rightist association promoting the values of Slovenian independence regretted the decision. They want further discussion regarding the matter.

RTV Slovenija trade unions to step up strike on Tuesday, 20.1.2023

The journalist trade unions of RTV Slovenija have announced that they will step up next week their effort as part of the strike that started last May, as the talks to address their grievances have produced no solutions in seven months. The management deems the strike as unlawful and will seek conformation of this in court.

Video games and e-sport festival coming to capital on 31 March, 20.1.2023

Consumer electronic retailer Big Bang and marketing agency Sport Media Focus have announced what they expect will develop into the biggest festival of video games and e-sport in Slovenia. The first edition of the Game Gang Show will be held between 31 March and 2 April at Ljubljana’s fairgrounds.

Slovenian artist wins Music Moves Europe award, 20.1.2023

Slovenian artist July Jones is one of the five recipients of the Music Moves Europe Award, handed out as part of the Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS) festival in the Dutch village of Groeningen. The award, which comes with a EUR 10,000 prize, is to support artists in their careers.

Fajon in Davos: Slovenia a social and green country committed to peace, 20.1.2023

Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon has concluded her attendance at the World Economic Forum, where she participated in a number discussions and held bilateral meetings focused on garnering support for Slovenia’s UN Security Council bid. She presented Slovenia as a modern, social and green country, committed to international peace, security and stability.

Tiktok introducing govt-affiliated media label in Slovenia, 20.1.2023

The social networking platform Tiktok is expanding its state-affiliated media policy from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus to 40 new countries, including Slovenia. The company intends to introduce the policy across all markets, with the EU being a part of the first stage of introduction.

Ljubljana Castle reaches million visitor milestone last year, 18.1.2023

Ljubljana Castle last year saw slightly more than a million visitors, which is more than double compared to each of the previous two years, which were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Sales of tickets for the funicular that takes visitors to the Castle Hill also more than doubled last year.

Mayors threaten with higher kindergarten bills due to wage raise, 17.1.2023

The mayors of the urban municipalities have met to discuss the increasing labour costs in kindergartens, calling on the government to at least partially cover for the higher costs. Otherwise, they said they would be forced to raise prices as early as in February due to the unsustainable financial standing of kindergartens.

Iskraemeco embarks on EUR 5.4m digitalisation project, 17.1.2023

The electricity meter maker Iskraemeco has embarked on a EUR 5.4 million digitalisation project as part of a consortium of partners, with optimisation of processes being the main goal.

Šumi candy brand halts production at Krško plant

Slovenia’s best known candy brand Šumi has suspended production at its factory in Krško, east of the country, as part of austerity measures put in place due to high energy prices, brand owner Žito told the news portal Siol. According to unofficial information, production will be halted until the end of March.

SBI TOP up more than 1%, 13.1.2023

Practically all blue chips traded on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange posted gains on Friday, pushing the SBI TOP benchmark 1.11% higher to 1,118.31 points. The shares of NLB bank were the most coveted, gaining almost 2% and contributing EUR 189,000 to the overall trading volumes of EUR 771,700.

Croatian company acquires Sola and Zala soft drink brands, 13.1.2023

Slovenia’s largest brewer Pivovarna Laško Union announced it had sold the non-alcoholic beverage brands Sola and Zala to the Slovenian company Nika Bev, which is owned by Croatia’s Stanić Beverages, to further focus on beer brewing. A deal has been made with Nika Bev for distribution of branded products in Slovenia to continue.

Health Ministry presents digitalisation strategy, 13.1.2023

On Friday, the Health Ministry provided stakeholders with a 2022–2027 healthcare digitalization strategy. The goal of the procedure, according to Health Minister Danijel Bei Loredan, is to have most of it finished by the beginning of 2024 in order to increase system transparency.

Fairytale on Ice opening in centre of Ljubljana, 13.1.2023

An ice rink dubbed Fairytale on Ice will open Friday afternoon in Pogačar Square next to the central market in Ljubljana. Running until 5 March, one of the six ice skating venues in the capital will be open every day between 11am and 9pm at a cost of one euro per person.

Pelješac Bridge chief designer is Delo’s person of the year, 12.1.2023

Marjan Pipenbaher, the chief designer of the Pelješac Bridge in Croatia, has been declared the person of the year by the newspaper Delo, which noted that Pipenbaher is one of the most renowned European bridge builders and designers.

Slovenia defeat Saudi Arabia for first win at handball worlds, 12.1.2023

Slovenia opened their World Men’s Handball Championship campaign in Katowice on Thursday by easily defeating Saudi Arabia 33:19 to open the tournament in a winning fashion ahead of encounters with the much tougher opponents in Group B – Poland and France.

Monthly minimum wage rising to EUR 878 net in 2023, 12.1.2023

The minimum wage in Slovenia will be by EUR 100 net higher this year than last year, meaning that every minimum wage earner will take home EUR 878 a month, Labour Minister Luka Mesec said after Thursday’s government session.

New Covid variant XBB found in Slovenia, no additional measures planned, 12.1.2023

The National Laboratory for Health, Environment and Food has so far confirmed seven cases of infections with the new Covid variant XBB in Slovenia. The Covid task force at the National Institute of Public Health says no additional epidemiological measures are required for now.

Six-month delay and no foreign capital in Divača-Koper rail, 11.1.2023

The newly estimated investment value of the ongoing construction of the new Divača-Koper rail track is EUR 1.027 billion at current prices, up by some 9% on the previous estimate. Foreign investment has been precluded, and the project will take half a year more to be completed than initially planned.

Groundbreaking discovery by Slovenian archaeologist, 10.1.2023

According to new research by Slovenian archaeologist Ivan Prajc, the Mayan calendar may have been created about 1100 BC, which is many centuries earlier than previously believed. The famous publication Science Advances published the findings of this investigation.

  • Good fortune to you, Slovenia.30. 12. 2022

    Dear citizens, Fellow Slovenes, Dear compatriots at home and around the world.

    The year behind us was a year of great challenges. From the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, to the rising prices. But it was also a year that brought many positive things to Slovene society.

  • Two wounded from Ukraine arrive in Slovenia for treatment27. 12. 2022

    Today, two wounded Ukrainians arrived in Slovenia, accompanied by an attendant. Both will receive full medical assistance and care. In the spirit of solidarity, Slovenia is joining 18 other EU member states in the care for the wounded and sick from the warzone. We are thereby expanding our political, humanitarian, material and military support for Ukraine to include medical aid.

  • Promotion of the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Planica 202321. 12. 2022

    As part of the pre-Christmas reception, the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2023 in Planica were promoted on 15 December 2022 in Salzburg. The event was organised by the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia to Austria, Aleksander Geržina, and the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Slovenia in Salzburg, Anton Santner.

  • Bohinj awarded by the World Tourism Organization20. 12. 2022

    Bohinj was listed among the Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO as part of the World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) initiative. It was selected from among more than 130 applicants from 57 countries, which is a testament to the exceptional values of Bohinj and the work it carries out in rural tourism. The destination boasts unique natural and cultural resources and demonstrates a commitment to sustainable development throughout all three pillars of sustainability – environmental, social and economic.

  • European energy ministers reach political agreement on capping the price of natural gas19. 12. 2022

    Minister of Infrastructure, Bojan Kumer, attended the continuation of the Extraordinary Energy Council of the European Union in Brussels, where ministers intensively coordinated an agreement on a European mechanism to limit natural gas prices and finally reached a political agreement.

  • 29th regular session of the Government22. 12. 2022

    At today’s session, the Government adopted a Decree on setting the price of natural gas from the gas system for certain legal persons governed by public law, for providers of publicly valid education and training programmes, for providers of social care services, and for providers of family support programmes.

  • Prime Minister Robert Golob visits the Holy See: We are aware of the need for peace and reconciliation17. 12. 2022

    Prime Minister Robert Golob visited the Holy See today, on 17 December 2022. He was received by Pope Francis in a private audience.

  • State celebration in honour of Independence and Unity20. 12. 2022

    On Friday, 23 December 2022, a state celebration will take place in Ljubljana in honour of Independence and Unity Day. Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Robert Golob, will be the keynote speaker.

  • 15 years since Slovenia’s entry into the Schengen Area20. 12. 2022

    On 21 December 2022 have passed 15 years since Slovenia became a Schengen state. For the Slovenian people, the most visible sign of the country’s entry into the Schengen Area was the abolishment of border controls at the borders with Austria, Italy and Hungary. This was a very important development for Slovenia, as its path to other EU states and the Schengen Area finally opened up.

  • Several foreign media re-listed Slovenia on the rankings of tourist destinations19. 12. 2022

    Several foreign media re-listed Slovenia on the rankings of tourist destinations for 2023. It was ranked first by the French Le Monde and was included on the list of sustainable countries by the American Forbes, and Hotel Milka in Kranjska Gora was added to the list of the best new hotels.

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