TOP Slovenia Interview: LINA VODOPIVEC


FREYWILLE – timeless jewelry inspired by master painters

Since 1951, FREYWILLE has been creating fire enamel collections that capture the essence of artistry. Inspired by love, joy, passion, and creations of globally renowned artists and painters like Monet, van Gogh, Mucha, Klimt, and many more. FREYWILLE is known for its timeless jewelry and unique art pieces. Every piece of jewelry from FREYWILLE is synonymous with fashionable elegance and pure sophistication.

To walk us through the newest collection from, we have sat down with the director for FREYWILLE Slovenia Lina Vodopivec.

How long has FREYWILLE been present in Slovenia?

FREYWILLE Slovenia has celebrated its 15th-anniversary last year 2019 and the same year, we have relocated our boutique to a fantastic location right next to our famous Robba fountain.

How long have you been working for FREYWILLE and how does your typical day “at the office” look like?

I have been with the company since 2006. I have developed my career here starting as a boutique and marketing manager, to international business development manager and local director. My typical day does not exist because not one day is similar to the other. That is why my work never gets dull. Jumping from very intense traveling periods to steady days in the office or even better with clients make my work a dream job, but at the same time also very challenging.

How would you describe FREYWILLE for those who haven’t heard of the brand before?

FREYWILLE is a brand that captures world known art in miniature creations, such as jewelry and silk accessories.


How is FREYWILLE different from other jewelry brands?

FREYWILLE has no competition, still, because we have developed our own art in creating fired enamel with artistic designs. Each collection has a story and an artistic background.

FREYWILLE has many boutiques around the world and we heard you divide your work life between Ljubljana, Barcelona, and Vienna. Which city do you like more and how are the clients in these cities different from each other?

That is right. There are many boutiques around the world, basically, we are present with at least one boutique almost in each metropole city in the world. My work is divided between Ljubljana, Barcelona, Vienna, Zagreb, Sarajevo, and sometimes some in addition. Honestly, I can not expose one city as my favorite, except for my home town of course, as each city is special and authentic. I like the domesticity and purity of Ljubljana, diversity, and historicity of Zagreb, colorfulness, kindness, and temperament of Barcelona… I could go on and on.

What can you tell us about the newest collection?

The newest collection is dedicated to the best friend of Vincent van Gogh, which is our previous collection, Paul Gauguin. He was creating fantastic pieces of art in Polynesia, during his search of a paradise there. Unfortunately, he was not able to find one, but luckily he has created his imaginary paradise in his paintings, showing life, flora, and fauna from that region.

What are the key pieces from this collection?

Key pieces from every collection are always the bracelets. They are the most desirable pieces of jewelry. In addition, we developed some new shapes and forms of jewelry like earrings and pendants, that do not take any less attention.

Which is your all-time favorite collection and piece of jewelry from FREYWILLE?

This is really hard to say because I find in every collection a favorite detail, favorite peace or favorite color. Lately, I have to admit I am fond of our new product called Monochrome bracelets, that contribute each and every “Hommage” collection and enriches its colors. After them, there are new precious 18-carat jewelry pieces that no woman can resist.

Which piece of jewelry do you think every woman should own?

I think every woman should own a full set of different but complementary jewelry pieces, expressing her individuality and personal style.

FREYWILLE also has a man’s collection, do you get many male clients who purchase accessories for themselves?

I have to admit that usually man’s collections and pieces are bought by the ladies as a present for their gentlemen.

Going back to the previous question. Do you see more women or men walking through the doors of the FREYWILLE boutique in Ljubljana?

I would say 50:50. And I am happy to say that our clientele has widened by age group. So we have many very dedicated fans that adore our jewelry for decades and also very young fans who are fond of jewelry and art.

FREYWILLE is known for its colorful and vibrant collections. How can a woman style your jewelry with her everyday outfit?

The very important thing also is that a lady chooses jewelry for her and not for her outfit. If a jewelry collection, color or style compliment her, it also compliments her outfit. A very important fact is that you can also change your day outfit with jewelry and upgrade it to evening look.

Can you give us a hint about the next collection from FREYWILLE?

Our collections take time to create. From the first idea, sketch, or inspiration, we need 4 years to present the product to the client. Before that, we have test products shown to our very special clients whose opinion matters the most and they help us to decide whether to launch the collection or it needs more research. In spring we are starting a very important preview of a collection inspired by an artist who is a representative of Barcelona. This is all that I can tell you for now, but you probably get the idea.

A few years ago you had the opportunity to meet Friedrich Wille. Can you tell us what he is like?

Actually I am lucky to see dr.Wille very frequently. He is my boss, our CEO, and one of the most inspiring persons I have met in my life. He is an artist and a philosopher in a business mans body with a strong business talent, anthropologist mind, and a very strong WILL to create. I am lucky to learn from the best.

Thank you for talking to us Lina Vodopivec.